Saturday, October 26, 2013


Thanks to the local radio and TV stations who have kept us informed through the days!!! We always have a radio at the bedside and of course, the TV is also there. During the crisis, we bring the radio around. In the first half of the Zamboanga Crisis, we were watching Dateline Teleradyo on TV and listening to RMN DXRZ 900 on the radio. This may sound a bit confusing but that's what you call multitasking ... just to know what is happening!
Later in the week, we could watch RMN on TV.
But we know many of my friends away from Zamboanga, including my son, Joko view this online via Ustream.
We depend on you for stories, updates and any breaking news!!!
We know your reporters are also in the line of fire as they gather the news.

I know we don't look at the print media or newspapers these days, but we know our friends abroad still read this to connect:
Zamboanga Today Online
Daily Zamboanga Times
Zamboanga Times Facebook Page 
Again, thank you!

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