Sunday, December 1, 2013


I would like to share images of the Sta. Maria Elementary School Evacuation Center.

I remember right after the height of the Zamboanga Crisis last September 2013 came the flooding in Zamboanga City, and this evacuation center had its own share of prolonged suffering with the flooded grounds in spite of the arranged shelter boxes throughout the grounds.
Can you imagine how wet they were?
This was taken already more than two weeks after the flood!

This end of October 2013, we visited the Sta. Maria School evacuation center (ably manned by the DSWD, ZCSWD and some of the faculty) where Ciudad Medical Zamboanga together with Bounty Fresh (Chooks to Go c/o Ron Natividad) shared food packs for the evacuees. This was still in line with the Tenth Anniversary Celebration of Ciudad Medical Zamboanga.

Here is the Evacuation Center:

As viewed from the covered court!
And some close-up shots:

Shelter Boxes from Rotary International

taken from the covered court

Here are some of the people we met, although, we weren't able to stay to long to really socialize with them!
And here is Ma'am Juvy, CMZ HR Manager joining the kids play, while CMZ AO Ma'am Ruby looks on (probably, also wanting to join them!)!

I still think the Sta. Maria Evacuation Center is relatively arranged and organized as an evacuation center! 

We do hope, though, that they may soon be resettled in a better place!!!