Tuesday, June 21, 2016


June 21, 2016 

Today, we had a forum to review the Philippine Quality Award Criteria for Healthcare.

I would like to share with you more about the Philippine Quality Award.

The Philippine Quality Award through the DTI-Competitiveness Bureau invited several hospitals throughout the country to contribute to the Review of the PQA Healthcare Criteria, which is scheduled for release by the last quarter of 2016 and for use by the PQA applicants by 2017-2021. 

At this same time, they are also creating the Education Criteria of the PQA to add to the PQA Criteria for the Business Sector and PQA Criteria for the Public Sector

The participants contributed to the framework prepared by the Technical Working Group through response to an emailed survey to several hospitals throughout the country and for outputs during this forum. The TWG used the 2015-2016 Balrige Criteria for healthcare as the framework.

The Technical Working Group is composed of DTI-CB; senior PQA assessors, Ms. Angelica Fraginal and Mr. Vito Aberin; Mr. Francis Montillano of the Philippine Society of Quality in Healthcare, Dr. Ma. Theresa Mercado of the Philippine Society of Quality as well as Mr. Arthur Lanuza of the PhilHealth and Dr. Mark Anthony Leviste of the Department of Health.

Among the hospitals who actively responded to the invitation and attended the Focused Group Discussion are Ciudad Medical Zamboanga (as first awardee for the healthcare industry), Manila Doctors' Hospital, The Medical City, Makati Medical Center, Philippine Heart Center, Asian Hospital and the Lorma Medical Center.
The participants for the PQA Review of the Healthcare Criteria

Ciudad Medical Zamboanga is the FIRST hospital awardee for the Philippine Quality Award and as of this time, the only recipient from the healthcare industry. 
#THROWBACK: Taken last March 21, 2014 during the conferment of PQA Award to Ciudad Medical Zamboanga (Zamboanga Polymedic Hospital Inc) during the 16th Cycle of the Philippine Quality Award

among the PQA recipients for Recognition for Commitment to Quality Management

Mario Jusi (DTI-CB Division Chief), Ms. Angelica Fraginal (Senior PQA Assessor), Dr. Bernadette Hogar (Manila Doctors Hospital and PQA Assessor), Dr. Filipinas Rojo (Ciudad Medical Zamboanga) and PJ Roque (DTI-CB)

The Philippine Quality Award is patterned after the Malcolm Balrige Criteria of the U.S. and which is also adapted in several other countries, as well as conferred by the highest official of the country, in our case, the President of the Philippines.

PQA based on the Malcolm Balrige National Quality Award Criteria

Award Levels and description of  the award levels
PQA Recognition Statistics since PQA started in 1997.

Contact number for the IMPLEMENTING AGENCY of the PQA: THE DTI-CB
Here are some photos during the Forum:
Mr. Virgilio Fulgencio, Executive Director of DTI-Competitiveness Bureau welcomes the participants.
Ms. Angelica Fraginal, Senior PQA Assessor enlightens participants on the Philippine Quality Award.

Dr. Filipinas Rojo of Ciudad Medical Zamboanga with the Makati Medical Center Quality and Hospital Accreditation Team

Mr. PJ Roque of DTI-Competitiveness Bureau explains about the Item Format of the PQA Criteria

Thus, we look forward to the launching of the Philippine Quality Award (PQA) Criteria for Healthcare to encourage more deserving hospitals to vie for the highest national award for Performance Excellence (as mandated by the Philippine Law) as part of your Quality journey. 

And for those who still intend to start of with the Journey to Performance Excellence, the PQA Criteria would be a very ideal way to start.
with new friends from the Philippine Heart Center

This is really an exciting time for the Philippine healthcare industry as many hospitals are now embarking on their own journeys towards Performance Excellence and indeed, during the forum, we did meet like minds. 


* From the Philippine Quality Award website...
It is also Ciudad Medical Zamboanga's pleasure to continue to give back to the Philippine Quality Award (PQA) as this is the foundation of CMZ's Journey to Performance Excellence.

**Thanks to Dr. Reynaldo O. Joson, CMZ's mentor and consultant who introduced us to the Philippine Quality Award in 2009, and who mentored us until 2015. CMZ is forever grateful.

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