Friday, August 12, 2016


August 4, 2016 9 am- 4 pm
Yakan Ballroom, Garden Orchid Hotel

Today was the Orientation on the Philippine Quality Award (PQA) and Philippine Quality Challenge (PQC) Programs and Sharing of Best Practices


1) Ciudad Medical Zamboanga = 2013 PQA Recipient of Recognition for Commitment to Quality Management

2) LEAN Processes, Inc = 2013 PQC 1 Awardee

I. Overview of the Philippine Quality Award Program by Mr. Phillip Jason Roque, Senior Trade and Industry Development Specialist, DTI-Competitiveness Bureau

Mr. PJ Roque of DTI-CB  with Ciudad Medical Zamboanga participants 

II. Overview of the Philippine Quality Challenge Program by Ms. Carolina Velasco, Supervising Trade and Industry Development Specialist, DTI-Competitiveness Bureau

Ms. Carolina Velasco and Mr. Phillip Jason Roque of DTI-Competitiveness Bureau

III. The PQA Assessors by Ms. Sofia Fulmaran. Trade and Industry Development Specialist, DTI Competitiveness Bureau

IV. Sharing of Best Practices

A. Linkage to Excellent Alternative for Non-Core (LEAN) Processes, Inc = 2013 PQC 1 Awardee by Mr. Emilio Virtudes, President

B. Ciudad Medical Zamboanga = 2013 PQA Recipient of Recognition for Commitment to Quality Management by Atty. Jhihann Hairun Natividad, CEO

V. Open Forum 
Emcee and Moderator: Michael Vincent Cajulao, Information Officer, DTI RO9

The Speakers for the Open Forum

VI. Closing Remarks

Rolando Acuna, Provincial Director, DTI-Zamboanga City

There were 135 attendees to the PQA/PQC Roadshow from both private and government institutions.

A pose for posterity

Here are some of the attendees.
Ciudad Medical Zamboanga participants 

with Dr. Queenie Abubakar, Chief of Clinics, Zamboanga City Medical Center and team

Ms. Mitzi Kho of Zamboanga Doctors'Hospital
with DOLE RIX Regional Director and Department of Tourism RIX Regional Director, Ms. Mary June Bugante 

Our friends from Department of Trade and Industry Competitiveness Bureau (DTI-CB) and Region IX.
Thanks to Sofia and Leled of DTI-CB
CMZ MD with Ms. Carol of DTI-CB and Ms. Marjorie of DTI-RIX


Speakers, DTI-CB with DTI Provincial Director, Rolando Acuna

The Forum was well attended and it may partly be due to the several TV and Radio guestings of the DTI-CB personnel the day prior at GBPI TV 11 and the Radyo ng Bayan, and on the day of the Forum by Ms. RG Antonet Go (Daily Zamboanga Times) and E-Media Radio/TV.
Mr. PJ Roque with Ms. RG Antonet go of Daily Zamboanga Times
Mr. PJ Roque with E-Media Radio/TV

CMZ CEO, Atty Jhihann Natividad  with E-Media Radio/TV
We do hope that this PQA/ PQC Roadshow forum would inspire more organizations to start or continue on the Performance Excellence journey for continuous improvement and more valued processes and service for all stakeholders, competitiveness, learnings and for sustainability. 

 Thanks Ms. RG Antonet Go (Daily Zamboanga Times) for the print news

Thanks also to BoyNap Directo of  Oh No, It's Boy (Daily Zamboanga Times), Ms. Mila Arieta of Mila at Large (Zamboanga Today) 


My dear friend, Gerres Oyena (his pen name) works with marine life here in Zamboanga City, and one of the main sites they are developing is the Sta. Cruz Island! He is part of the team who worked for the coral planting of the Sta. Cruz undersea life towards the conservation and development of our marine ecosystem !

So he posted the beautiful undersea creatures of the Sta. Cruz Island marine life, which he also calls his undersea treasures and which I would like to share with you!

Here we see nudibranch and other interesting and colorful forms!
Nudibranchs /ˈnjdbræŋk/[1] are a group of soft-bodiedmarine gastropod molluscs which shed their shells after their larval stage.[2] They are noted for their often extraordinary colours and striking forms. Currently, about 2,300 valid species of nudibranchs are known.

With these beauties, wouldn't you also want to help in the propagation and conservation of the Zamboanga City marine ecology? 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


August 2, 2016 marks a very important day in PQA with the Final Review for the Philippine Quality Award (PQA) Criteria for Healthcare. 
Presentation and Discussion

 The New PQA Framework

Contributing and participating organizations are:
1. the Technical Working Group 

**Department of Trade and Industry - Competitiveness Bureau as part of the TWG and the PQA Award administrator represented by Mr. Mario Jusi for this forum.

**PQA Senior Assessors Mr. Vito Aberin and Ms. Angelica Fraginal

**Department of Health with Dr. Mark Leviste (and Dr. Aida Cuadra)

**PhilHealth with Dr. Leilani Joy Asprer (and Dr. Arthur Lanuza)

**Phil Society for Quality in Healthcare with Engr. Francis Montillano and Dr. Ma. Theresa Mercado

2. Healthcare organizations who actively responded and attended namely:
**Ciudad Medical Zamboanga
**Philippine Heart Center

**Manila Doctors' Hospital
**Makati Medical Center

**The Medical City 

This PQA Healthcare Criteria will be in use for the 20th Cycle of the Philippine Quality Award, and thus, we are happy and proud to be part of this milestone!
To pose for posterity:

Here are the NEXT STEPS!

Final editing deadline is on August 31, 2016.

The online version will be available on September 2016.

Looking forward to the Launching of the PQA Healthcare Criteria at the Philippine Society of Quality in Healthcare (PSQUA) Annual Convention this October 2016.

The final workbook for the PQA Healthcare Criteria will be available in 2017 with the Purple Cover.

Congratulations and thank you to all the contributors!!!