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Organizations who are involved with Quality Management and Performance Excellence respect all Criteria, Certifications and Awards that help the institution achieve their goals.

Here is a list of Global Quality Awards and for the Philippines, the Philippine Quality Award is recognized as the national award program (highest) that recognizes achievements of public and private sector organizations in their journey towards performance excellence.

The Philippine Quality Award is based on the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria, which is used in the US, and also the basis for most of the Global Quality Awards. While the PQA is given by the Philippine President, the Baldrige Award is also conferred by the US President. 
Other organizations go to certifications because it is a requirement from their mandate while others do so for their own quality journey.

However, some organizations are confused with what framework to utilize and in fact, are trying to pit PQA (based on Baldrige) vs. ISO 9000!

Some say... ISO is international while PQA is just local!
Others say, ISO accreditation may not necessarily mean you can attain the Philippine Quality Award!
Many stories from people who favor one over the other!

These are copy - paste images which I gathered for better understanding between the two. These may serve as references but there are actually books written on these topics.
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How does the Balridge Award differ from ISO 9000?

Summary of Key Points

Differences and Similarities of ISO and Baldrige

I do hope that this gives you more insights on the differences and similarities of ISO and PQA (Baldrige). These two should not be pitted against each other!

In fact, many of the ISO assessors are also PQA assessors. 

Most of the PQA Awardees already are ISO Certified and in their journey to Performance Excellence, their next step is the PQA. 

I do hope that with this understanding, you may appreciate that ISO and PQA are different and actually complementary AND directed to the same objective of Quality and PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE. 

Why not, ISO and PQA, instead of ISO vs. PQA!!!

A challenge to those who are already ISO certified, we encourage you to proceed with the journey towards Performance Excellence and go for the Philippine Quality Award!  

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