Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Disaster Consciousness in CMZ 2014

In celebration of National Disaster Consciousness Month 2014, Ciudad Medical Zamboanga invited the DND-OCD-RDRRMC IX head, Mr. Jose Eric Castillo to lecture on the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management System.

This was followed by the Earthquake lecture by Phivolcs IX Regional Director, Engr. Allan Rommel Labayog followed by the Earthquake Drill.

Mr. Jose Eric Castillo also introduced BATINGAW, an Android app very important in Disaster Preparedness, which we suggest that everyone should download and learn more about this application for personal use and also for use in the community.

CMZ really learned a lot from our experts from the RDRRMC IX and Phivolcs. 


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Earthquake Lecture and Drill at CMZ 2014

Ciudad Medical Zamboanga invited DND-OCD-RDRRMC OIC RIX Mr. Jose Eric Castillo and PHIVOLCS Regional Director, Engr. Allan Rommel Labayog for lectures in Disaster Preparedness and on Earthquakes followed by the Earthquake Drill. 

This was in conjunction with the NATIONAL DISASTER CONSCIOUSNESS MONTH 2014 celebration here in Zamboanga City. 

Participants of the Earthquake Lecture and Drill are the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga  workforce.

It was indeed a very fruitful day for CMZ as we learned more about Philippine disasters and disaster preparedness as well as on Earthquakes and how to conduct an earthquake drill. 

Thank you to our resource speakers who are indeed very knowledgeable in their field of expertise!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Regine B., CMZ Got Talent 2012 champion

This is a very interesting presentation of Regine B., grand champion of the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga's CMZ GOT TALENT Search for 2012, showing us her winning form during CMZ's Christmas Party!!! 

I do hope you watch the whole performance. I know you would really enjoy it!

CMZ Got Talent is a venue for CMZ workforce to display their talents and abilities and had been there for three years! It is not only the singing and dancing prowess that are shared but also the very innovative concepts that go with the presentations.

I am sharing this as a tribute to Regine Bernaldo who now has to leave CMZ for greener pastures abroad but has left with us the legacy of talent and creativity in performance excellence!

Thank you so much and BonVoyage!

This very amateur video should have been uploaded a long time ago...

Cruz Mayor & Murok, Zamboanga City 2014

This is Mount Pulong Bato in Zamboanga City which cradles the Cruz Mayor where devotees flock during the Lenten season.

From Wikipedia:

Mount Pulong Bato is a monolith located inZamboanga City at the Zamboanga Peninsula, the western tip of the island ofMindanao in the Philippines. The mountain is situated in the Upper Abong-Abong Park, in Barangay Pasonanca, only a few kilometers away from the city's downtown section.


Pulong Bato became infamous because when thePhilippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology(PHIVOLCS) confirmed the mountain is a volcano which is unknown to most people. What is unusual about the mountain is, unlike the other mountains surrounding the city, only Mt. Pulong Bato is made from solid rock. 
According to PHIVOLCS, the volcano is an Intrusion type of volcano meaning it was formed within earth's crust. Magma was pushed from the beneath the earth surface but did not come out through an eruption like a typical volcano (Extrusion). The magma eventually solidified while it is still enclosed by softer rocks, which was later exposed by erosion or weathering, a process that could take thousands of years.

Holy Week observance

The mountain is near the premises of the famous Abong-Abong Park, where both domestic and foreign catholic devotees pilgrimage annually during Holy Week to observe the holiday and meditate.
We also view the panorama of Zamboanga City where we appreciate the  Great Sta. Cruz Island, the. Little Sta. Cruz Island as well as Basilan Island in the horizon.

We thank all those who organize runs to the Mt. Pulong Bato and Murok areas because more and more people are now exposed to the beauty of Zamboanga City and the Zamboanga City Panorama!

Zamboanga City is indeed beautiful!

Here are my older posts on Lent at Cruz Mayor, Abong-Abong and Murok, Zamboanga City which you may want to read through!


I would like to share some photos during the Arbor Day Celebration in Zamboanga City last June 25, 2014.

June 25 of every year is designated as Arbor Day in the Philippines!
Here is a story I grabbed from the Zamboanga City files on Arbor Day this year 2014:***
City marks Arbor Day with tree planting, tagging mark
Written by Administrator
Thursday, 26 June 2014 09:22
The City Government of Zamboanga spearheaded the massive tree planting effort in consonance with the observance of the Arbor Day na Ciudad de Zamboanga early morning yesterday, June 25 at Sitio Abong Abong in Upper Pasonanca.
Around 7,000 participants from different sectors and organizations flocked to the Climaco Freedom Park to plant an estimated 6,000 mahogany and narra seedlings in the identified planting site in Abong-abong as part of the City’s collective effort to conserve and protect the environment.
An annual celebration which underscores the importance of trees to society, the Arbor Day kicked off with an early opening program, which was followed by the tree planting activity, and the tagging of century and heritage trees.
Mayor Beng Climaco spearheads the tree planting activity in sitio Abong-abong, Upper Pasonanca in observance of Arbor Day Wednesday. JOEY BAUTISTA
A highlight of this year’s celebration was the unveiling of the Tree of Hope which was completed with participants pinning on symbolic leaves containing their declaration of support, commitments, and promises to plant more trees, conserve natural resources, and protect the environment.
In her message, City Mayor Beng Climaco emphasized the continued commitment of the local government to the environment, and extolled participants to do the same.
“We commit to take care of our environment, and the City Government encourages each and everyone to plant a tree,” said Climaco.
Climaco further added that the Arbor Day is an activity which seeks to remind the public, especially the youth, of their responsibility to protect and care for natural resources, and serves as an avenue where individuals can physically contribute and do something for the environment.

An acacia tree in Pasonanca is one of the 12 trees declared and tagged as century tree by Mayor Beng Climaco and representatives from various agencies during Arbor Day Wednesday. JOEY BAUTISTA
Following the massive tree planting efforts, Climaco led the simple tagging rites for 12 trees identified as century and heritage trees. Located in the areas of Pasonanca and Sta. Maria, 9 century and 3 heritage trees were tagged and recognized, as per the provisions of Ordinance 341 which declares the preservation of century and heritage trees in the City.
Joining the massive crowd for the Arbor Day activities were Councilors Roel Natividad, Juan Climaco Elago, Noning Biel, and VP Elago, and the different City department heads. Also present were the representatives of local and national agencies, officials from the military and police commands, and participants from the academe, and different local organizations, and groups.
The celebration of Arbor Day na Ciudad de Zamboanga is pursuant to Ordinance 281 and is in observance of Philippine Arbor Day on June 25 every year.
The ordinance mandates active public participation in tree planting activities. (Jasmine Mohammadsali)
Ciudad Medical Zamboanga shares photos taken as they join the city-wide celebration of Arbor Day 2014.

May Zamboanga City be ever more green!!!