Saturday, October 26, 2013


New Year 2013 is here!!!
And I am awake and beckoned by the fantastic sunrise in Muruk, Zamboanga City! 
Many times, we are amazed by the sunset views... however, sunrise can be as awesome!
I am thankful to the Lord for the beautiful world that is greeting me this 2013!
I can see the golden sky...
And the tangerine sea in the horizon 
The sun further rises... and we welcome a new day in 2013!
Mount Pulong Bato is now vivid green with red tinges, something like autumn! And with the cool wind to boot!
And there are still some residual fog as we view the Pasonanca Watershed just beyond the next hill...
Can you see the niche on your left hand side?
This is the Cruz Mayor in Abong-Abong Park
What a serene morning I am now experiencing!!!
And with the marvelous views of Zamboanga City and the two Sta. Cruz Islands (Great and Little Sta. Cruz Islands), what else can I ask for?
Thank you, Lord for giving us a New Year 2013!... Another year to live and love life... a chance to pick up where we left off... continue unfinished goals... or fix up things we might need to improve... or just simply start anew! 
Yes. Lord, help us to remember to do things for your Greater Glory!!!

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