Saturday, October 26, 2013


It is October 12, 2013, Fiesta Pilar Day!
I wanted to see the vintas ply the R.T. Lim Boulevard (Cawa-Cawa Boulevard)*** this weekend as I read in FB (must have been from DOT IX RD, Ma'am Mary June Bugante's post!).
But, the weather was dark and wet again today, after a few days of sun. I doubted if I will see the vintas, but we passed the boulevard anyway.
There are still many tents in the parts of the stretch and more are seen in the mid island of the road.
In fact, there were bancas seen also in the mid island.
boats in the mid-island of the Cawa-Cawa Boulevard
The Badjao evacuees are those who prefer to stay by the sea rather than in the evacuation center. So this place is actually by choice.
the tents are now more uniform
they wash their clothes by the roadside
by the seaside are the shelter boxes donated by the Rotary Club North... and quite enterprising to have a little store, too! 
This is the Sangguniang Panglungsod building which is the coordination center for relief goods donated to the City and for distribution to the evacuees.
Close by is the Joaquin Enriquez Jr. Stadium, which is the largest evacuation center in the City.
I am just wondering why, there are again tents by the Stadium fence. 
Still a sad sight, and we really hope rehabilitation efforts will be able to take off... and pray that we no longer have any unusual disasters falling on Zamboanga City! 

I saw our dear Mayor Beng and the Urban Planning group with Jojo Sicat in Manila and I hope that their representations and planning will really be successful and timely.

The rains, however, reminded us of taking care of the environment and better planning on drainage, etc. We have found out that many of the drainage systems and even creeks are already covered and obstructed by houses and fences, thus, the surprise flooding (actually shocking!!!) which a large part of the populace experienced!

I didn't go to the boulevard the next day. But, my friend, Juvee did and here is what she captured!
I really love the colors and the beauty of the Zamboanga vinta sails!!!

Here are some of my older blog posts on the Zamboanga vintas and the vinta regatta. (Please click!)

The challenge for Zamboanga City to regain its glory is humongous, but, it is reassuring enough that the spirit that "Zamboanga City is rising again" is already embedded in many people's hearts and minds! Levanta Zamboanga!!!

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