Saturday, October 26, 2013


In the midst of the war, I have to take a break (in my mind) to think of my son, Joko who is celebrating his 17th birthday today!
when he was three years old...during Christmas, he wanted blow the candles for the Christmas cake that Tita Nora made for us.... so that is why we have such big candles!
This is my message for him:
Happy birthday, Joko! I have to add 14 more candles to the cake in the picture! You know very well we would have found ways to surprise you on your very special day, but I guess, the Zamboanga Crisis 2013 is the greatest surprise of all! We already had tickets since May and we changed the tickets (got new ones) a week before the crisis, only to find out we couldn't use any of these (good thing, all tickets are refunded because of cancelled flights! lol). It is your first birthday away from us but we know how broad-minded you are now and you can understand why we have to stay in ZC! We love you so much!!! Just stay focused. Thank you for your prayers for Zamboanga!!!

I actually couldn't compose a more sentimental letter because we were on the tenth day of the Zamboanga Crisis 2013!
But, I was inspired to do so many #PRAY FOR ZAMBOANGA blogposts because of him!
He, of course, told me that I was overdoing it! 
As of now, I have 9 #PRAY FOR ZAMBOANGA posts, 1 #LORD, HEAL OUR LAND post, 1 #HANGGANG KAILAN post and 1 #HASTA CUANDO post made for In Pinay's Eyes, my other blog.
Here are two of the posts he made...
He has grown up to be a fine, young man...
He is way much taller than me!...
And even taller than his tall Dad!
He still has a long way to go and we pray (so hard!) ... that he, too, would have a happy and fruitful life
... that he may achieve the wishes of his heart and mind  (Joko, please stay focused and exert your best  effort so you can reach your own dreams!)
... that he may touch lives and make a difference in this world, in his own little way!
This was his Thank You message a few minutes ago, which he posted in Facebook!
We, too, would like to thank the same people he is thanking, especially, his Achek Edwin and Achim Maricar and family for taking care of him and being with him, while we are so far away! I also like to thank my side of the family (Sanson and Ricamora side) who is also there and who he can go to at any time when Joko needs them (especially, his "cuzn" dentist Dr. Sid Ricamora and his "cuzn" dermatologist Dr. Hope Valerie Solano!). Joko, we are so happy that you had a fun 17th birthday!

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