Saturday, October 26, 2013


One of the most vivid and lively activities for the Fiesta Pilar 2012 is the Zamboanga Hermosa Street Dance Competition.
I just waited outside of the Don Joaquin Enriquez Memorial Stadium where the dancers were expected to enter.
This is not the most picturesque site to shoot for the Street Dance. I think the best place is still the City Hall based on the photos I've seen. 
However, since I was also wondering where I could catch the Street Dance, I thought I would just position myself here!
I'll flood you again with close-up shots and really far shots of the Street Dance Parade.
"Why will I flood you with this photos?"
I do hope you could get the feel of the Hermosa Street Dance Competition... and maybe, you might want to see this live next year!!! Very notable during the Parade were the sponsors but I guess, these were the corporations who helped these schools with their bright and colorful costumes and grand props and choreography!
The Audience's deafening cheers!
Group 1
the beautiful smiles as they dance their way in!
the grand choreography for all the groups and all their props were amazing
the they run from here to there!
their props were mural-like
Group 2 Zamboanga State College of Marine Science and Technology
the innovative drums!
Fisheries dancers have the color of the prawns and curacha!
still regal as they "run" to place with their petticoated gowns
after the dance...amazing that they went on with their dances inspite of the muddy "dancefloor"!
Group 3 Zamboanga City High School West Third Placer
as they watch the other dance contingents perform...together with their choreographer!
and the Westerners win Third Place!
Group 4 Zamboanga City High School Main
and they do not look tired!
with the Virgin Mary with Child Jesus
Group 5 Maria Clara Lobregat High School, Divisoria
a very pleasing group with beautiful smiles amidst their rainbow gowns
Group 6 Zamboanga State Polytechnic College
the first set of colorful costumes I saw as I entered the stadium...
men in uniform...
a very brilliantly red group also with beaming smiles!
Group 7 Don Pablo Lorenzo High School Second Placer
DPLMHS won Second Place!
very uniquely blue amidst the yellows and reds of the spectrum!
I was intrigued by their hair!... made of styro ball but looked so real!!!
Group 8 Curuan High School
the contingent who came from the farthest place... CURUAN!
HAPPY FIESTA pole bearers!
Group 9 Asia's Latin City School
she maintained the sweet smile!
very sunny yellow!
I found out that there were only 11 dance groups and so I missed two contingents. I should have waited...mmmm!
Group 10
Group 11 Talisayan National High School
I found out that Talisayan National High School is the 2012 Street Dance Competition Champion!
The colors of life... the smiles of joy... grand choreograpy and form amidst weariness and heat... grace and lithe inspite of the muddy grounds! 
That's the spirit of the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival!
Viva fiesta Pilar 2012!!!
*Again, these are only some of the contingents (9/11), and in fact, the winner is not included among those featured.
*please feel free to comment if there are any errors with the High School names and for those, which are left blank!

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