Saturday, October 26, 2013


I really could not  imagine how the folks in the market would treat us. Definitely, we did not go there to market. We had our DSLRs hanging on our neck or held in the hand.
But, I was happy that I was greeted by cute and happy kids. They were thrilled by the thought that someone took their pictures and wanted to see the images, too. They giggled and laughed everytime they see their faces! And we know very well that they may never even have a copy!
The lady selling pancit was also very kind and was gracious enough to let us go on with what we were doing!
And the young lady washing the clothes was also so happy when I photographered her.
Where there were very happy people, there were also those who were indifferent...
And went on with their meals...
But some asked us why we were there... some asked innocently... and others, sort of doubtful and asking if we are from the media or TV stations.
And even old guys asked us to take his picture, too! This guy specifically pointed out why there was no flash!
We were taught... as much as possible do not use Flash... Better a grainy image than any picture with a flash! 
And this guy is selling these two the area of the food!
But, even young people can also look so serious!
But it is the nice smile that makes the day!!!
Good day, everyone!

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