Saturday, October 26, 2013


My son just told me that this afternoon of Dec. 2 is the official opening of the Centennial Ateneo Fiesta. I thought the Fiesta opened a few days ago since there were so many activities and booths already in the La Purisima Campus, but he said that was the opening of the JAM or the Jesuit Athletic Meet with 450 athletes from all over other Ateneo schools!
I copied this from the University Treasurer's status on today's activities:
big day for ATFest 2012...parade @ 3:00pm with street dancers joingng our athletes...@ 5:00pm Opening program for the fiesta...pop/modern dance and cheerdance to follow after the opening seats for MPCC we will implement a color coding by ticket system (free tickets) to avoid overcrowding.. but don't worry we will place a big screen in the backfield for you to watch.....
Then, this will be followed by the Schedule of the Alumni Activities at the later part of the week with my previous post.
I am now watching from afar...
I remember the time when my son was in Elementary that I had to accompany him going through each and every booth!
And requesting to ride one of the fun rides...
I attended the Grade School night every year and enjoyed the kids' performances!
But, he is now Fourth Year High School and they are now independent and enjoy the company of their classmates and friends!
The fun goes on... especially for the faculty, staff, students and alumni of the Ateneo De Zamboanga University and their friends!!!

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