Saturday, October 26, 2013


Sometime in our lives, we had our own experience with the Volkswagen or VW or the classic "Beetle"! We had a white 1302 and then, an orange 1302S Beetle. 
We even remember of a cute movie, The Love Bug with Herbie, the racing Beetle! If you don't remember this, well, it is just an age-related knowledge!
The LOVE BUG... a very "cute" wedding concept of dear friends, Grace and Larry...
See the sign "NUEVO CASAO" It is the Chavacano way of saying "Just married".
So cute... so cute...
I actually took these shots from the sidelines! I really couldn't just go away while they had their shoot! 
And off the newlyweds go...
And, after the shoot, they really did use the Beetle on the road! It is, indeed, roadworthy!
Nuevo Casao!
See you at the reception!!!
P.S. The shoot was c/o CWorks Wedding Photography. I enjoyed watching their shoot after the wedding mass. I hope I didn't preempt them.

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