Saturday, October 26, 2013


Today, September 15, 2013 is Day 7 of the Zamboanga Crisis.
I  had another view of the Crisis when I visited the Mindanao Central Sanitarium  (under the helm of Dr. Alfonso Montuno) in Pasobolong and ZCMC at the WMSU gym (under Dr. Romeo Ong).
Mindanao Central Sanitarium
inside the Mindanao Central Sanitarium
I was again given the chance to see more newborns!
I am wondering why I am seeing more babies?...
Or is it just a reality that there are really many pregnant women around who may deliver anytime.
I was asking the mothers if the delivery was premature because of the Crisis.
But, each one said, "No. I am really due to deliver!"
They were sent to the Sanitarium because the health centers were closed.
Our healthcare workers are needed at the Evacuation Centers... 
The mothers at the MCS are actually in a very good condition.
One woman came from Mercedes and delivered a baby boy.
so serenely sleeping....
A second woman came from Curuan and delivered a baby boy.
Just after breast feeding, I can see the baby smile...
A third woman came from Victoria and delivered a baby girl. 
also just after breast feeding...
Even if these baby came out at the time of the Crisis, the parents still looked calm. They appreciated that they are safe and well fed there. 
Then, we moved to the WMSU gym (thank you to Dr. Milabel Ho), and it is also a sad (but not dismal!) sight because the patients were not in an ideal situation.
But, all things considered, the place is actually an ideal evacuation site because it is clean and air-conditioned and organized. 
Congratulations to the good coordination of the ZCMC, DOH-CHD IX and WMSU here!
I saw one baby who I initially thought was a new born, but it was an eleven month old infant.
The baby came from Rio Hondo and the family moved to the Grandstand evacuation center when they were found in their banca trying to flee their place.
I was touched at how small the baby was and is malnourished. The mother said the baby had LBM (loose bowel movement) and dehydration at the evacuation center and the skin disease at the arms worsened, thus, the baby was brought to the WMSU gym and now in the Pedia ward.  
But, look at this baby! Isn't this an image of HOPE!!! 
I can see bright eyes and a smile in spite of recovering from LBM and dehydration and the skin disease is now dry.
This baby is on the road to recovery.
How, about for our City?
We do pray the Zamboanga City Crisis ends very soon...
Then, Zamboanga City, too, will be on the way to recovery!!!

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