Friday, May 30, 2014


I would like to share this wonderful "BAYANIHAN" story during the transfer of the CMZ Bra to Raise Awareness Campaign Project highlight, the CIUDAD DE ZAMBOANGA B.R.E.A.S.T. INSTALLATION ART!

B.R.E.A.S.T. means 
Bra to Raise Early Awareness for Screening and Treatment

This Ciudad de Zamboanga B.R.E.A.S.T. Installation Art is  created by the Sulu-born, international artist Rameer Tawasil with artist friends, CMZ staff, trainees and affiliates and partners in the community jointly working with him to finish this innovative advocacy artwork.

The gigantic B.R.A. Art has these dimensions:
Total height including stage: 4.27 m or 14 feet.
Height of stage: 1.22 m or 4 feet
Width: 4.88 m or 16 feet
Depth: 2.44 m or 8 feet

As of May 14, 2014, there is a total of 1580 bras making up this B.R.E.A.S.T. Installation Art with this breakdown:
= = = 505 decorated bras for the giant bra cups and straps. (right cup =181; left cup = 193; center = 14; right strap = 47; left strap = 70)
= = = 202 colored bras for the breast-shaped backdrop.
= = = 50 black bras lining outline of the breast-shaped backdrop.
= = = 441 black bras for the whole stage floor.
= = = 382 black bras for the three sides of the stage. (right side = 85; front side = 205; left side = 92)

We would like to thank Mayor Maria Isabel "Beng" Climaco-Salazar for allowing the transfer of the Ciudad De Zamboanga B.R.E.A.S.T. Installation Art through City Administrator, Antonio G. Orendain, Jr.!
Thanks also to Mr. Joselito "Joey" Wee, OIC-Paseo Del Mar for being so accommodating and supportive during and after the transfer!

Considering this massive size, it is indeed difficult to move the whole B.R.A. Art over to Paseo Del Mar and this entailed the Bayanihan Spirit to make this possible.

Bayanihan means:
Bayanihan (pronounced as bah - yah - nee - han) is a Filipino term taken from the word bayan, referring to a nation, town or community. The whole term bayanihan refers to a spirit of communal unity or effort to achieve a particular objective.

So I would like to share these pictures to demonstrate this!
Rameer Tawasil, primary artist and CMZ HR manager, Ma'am Juvee preparing the site!

Thank you to Maintenance/Engineering Section , ASEGCO Janitorial personnel , ANTHONY Security Agency Personnel,  Pharmacy Department Staff [Edsel, Rodel], Radiology Department, [Regine, Cristina, Radtech Interns] and the CMZ Tricycle Drivers Association and Richard
for helping in the transfer of the B.R.A. Art!

So here is the Team that made this happen. 
Thanks especially for CMZ Administrative Officer, Ms. Ruby Ann Puzon and CMZ HR Manager, Ms. Juvee Calica for coordinating the transfer to Paseo Del Mar with City Officials and with the movers who made this possible with the Bayanihan Spirit.
Thanks again and we do hope that with the transfer of this innovative and creative art advocacy project, Ciudad De Zamboanga B.R.E.A.S.T. Installation Art to the main park of Zamboanga City, PASEO DEL MAR, we would be able to gain a wider reach for our B.R.A. advocacy campaign to the community and visitors to: 

Early Detection and Treatment Save Lives!

The Awareness Starts With Us!

Don't forget to schedule your Breast Wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness lectures at the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Breast Wellness Center with this phone number: 
(63)(62)992-7330 local 1278. 
Credits: Filipinas Rojo
Credits: Filipinas Rojo
This will further give deeper meaning to this B.R.A. awareness campaign with more knowledge and understanding gained from these learning sessions!


Thanks to Ruby and Juvee for most of the pictures!

Excerpt from: Precious Stone Blog by Ms. Ruby Ann Puzon

BRA Installation Art @ Paseo del Mar, Zamboanga City

Credits to Mayor Isabel "Beng" Climaco, City Mayor , Mr. Antonio G. Orendain Jr., City Administrator and Mr. Joselito "Joey" Wee, OIC - Paseo del Mar for the approval and the overwhelming support of the CMZ Breast Cancer Awareness campaign project.

Indeed, our one fine day, turned out to be one of the most memorable and historic day for Ciudad Medical Zamboanga as we share to the community (Ciudad de Zamboanga – City of Zamboanga) the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness through the BRA (Bra to Raise Awareness) campaign project.

In humility, I would personally want to offer my thank you's to the following person who helped us in the transfer and travel of CMZ's BRA Installation Art.

Thank you Mr. Rameer Tawasil, International Artist
Thank you Paseo del Mar security and staff
Thank you Dr. George Rojo, for the transportation  
Thank you Maintenance/Engineering Section  
Thank you ASEGCO Janitorial personnel 
Thank you ANTHONY Security Agency Personnel  
Thank you Pharmacy Department Staff [Edsel, Rodel]  

Thank you CMZ Tricycle Drivers Association 
Thank you Richard, Medical Representative  
Thank you Radiology Department, [Regine, Cristina, Radtech Interns]

Thank you BOD and EXECOM for the support 


May 31, 2014 marks this year's World No Tobacco Day as I was reminded when I saw Councilor Myra Paz' Facebook Page!

So I posted this picture in support of this advocacy!
Taken at MACY'S NEW YORK! 
What is so important about this day?

Well. after 56 days of information on the Smoking Regulation Ordinance 413 since its launching, this day marks the day of formal implementation for the this ordinance.

I heard Councilor Myra Paz (primary author) this morning at the GBPI TV 11 phone interview reminding the public on the details of this ordinance and with a call for law enforcers for proper implementation so that this ordinance would have more impact! This ordinance is in accordance with a National Law and also is concerned for your health as well as the health of the community and especially, the children (as passive smokers)! They assured that there will be the continuing education campaign related to this ordinance and when school opens, they also intend to have and information drive in school campuses.

So as a reminder, I will post again the details of the Ordinance which I copied from Councilor Myra Paz Facebook Page.

I do hope the community especially the smokers respect the non-smokers and smoke at the designated places. Fines are in order for those who violate the ordinance and smoke in enclosed places and public places including government and private offices, schools, hospitals, clinics, health centers, restaurants, airport and ship terminals as well as places of worship, among others.

And another reminder is: please do not throw the cigarette butts just anywhere, wherein, one will be accountable to the anti-littering law!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


May 20, 2014 marks my 6 monthsary for In Pinay’s “Ciudad”

Mi Ciudad is Zamboanga City and the other Ciudad close to my heart is Ciudad Medical Zamboanga.

I started off by moving all my stories related to Zamboanga City to this blogpost last October 20, 2013, almost a month after the Zamboanga Siege.

I started with 134 blogposts gathered from In Pinay's Footsteps and In Pinay’s Tummy. I only chose some Zamboanga City stories from In Pinay’s Eyes.

Up to this time, I have added 51 new stories but mostly, related to events within Ciudad Medical Zamboanga for a total of 185 blogposts in 6 months.
Some of the newer stories (Zamboanga Siege and after) are about:
~~27 blogposts related to the Zamboanga Siege
~~18 blogposts on the CMZ B.R.A. Campaign
~~5 blogposts on Breast Wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness
~~7 blogposts on CMZ AVPs on the first 5 years
~~6 blogposts on CMZ related to the Philippine Quality Awards
~~5 blogposts on Our Lady of the Pillar Feast
~~3 blogpost on CMZ’s New Technology: 64 slice CT Scan, MRI, Digital Mammography
~~2 blogposts on CMZ Creative Art: CMZ’s Role in Social Healing
~~1 blogpost on the CMZ Belen Making Contest
~~1 blogpost on the ZC No Smoking Ordinance
~~1 blogpost on Mother's Day

Among the Gadgets and Blogger Communities that interests me are:
1)   Topblogs: I placed In Pinay’s Ciudad under the Community Blogs and usually this blog reaches the 30 to 60 level

2)   Charm (of Promding Chamimay) invited me to join Zamboanga Bloggers last March 2012 and many are very young bloggers and I feel they may not be able to relate with my posts that much

3)   Charm also invited  me to join the BC Bloggers Community for the Commex and I learned a lot with this group!
     a.    many of  the  posts  really  interests me  and I enjoy commenting on every post! 
    b.   This really helped improve my Stats to reach the 100 to 150 visitors per day! 

4)   Blogspot Stats: Audience
    a. Top Ten Countries: Philippines, United States, France, Brazil, Germany, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia and India!
   b.  But what interests me is that last April and early May, France topped my list sometimes with more readers from France than the Philippines and the US! I am surprised of this reach since I have no direct friends from France.
Stats for a Day

Views per Country: Stats per week
View per country: Stats per month
Views per Country: All-Time Stats 
  c.  Interesting countries are Ukraine (even during the height of their civil unrest) and Moldova (where is Moldova!)!

5)   Flag CounterI have now 55 flags in 6 months (compared to 153 flags for In Pinay’s Footsteps in 2 ½ years)

6)      Total Pageviews: 11,571 views 
Posts: Stats per day

Posts: all-time stats
My Top blog Posts on my 6th month (all time):

I look forward to what my experiences will be from hereon and where In Pinay's "Ciudad" may go!

I do hope my stories will continue to be inspiring for you!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2014


The second highlight of the 16th Cycle PQA is the 16th Philippine Quality Award Forum, with the theme: "Exemplifying Performance Excellence Amidst the Challenge of ASEAN Economic Community 2015" 
Credits: Philippine Quality Award FB
CMZ Chairman Mr. Edwin To, CMZ Consultant Dr. Reynaldo Joson, CMZ BOD Secretary Dr. Albert Tan, CMZ CEO Atty. Jhihann Natividad,
CMZ HR Manager Ms. Juvee Calica

Credit: Ms. Juvee Calica
The PQA Forum is the primary venue for the PQA Awardees for each PQA Cycle to share the recipient organization's steps towards the Performance Excellence journey, their strengths and best approaches as well as opportunities for improvement, lessons learned, specific results achieved and outlook for the future using the PQA system, THUS, providing a day of learning, benchmarking for participants as well as an invitation for all agencies and institutions to be more globally competitive and comparable to other world-class companies, and in this time, gearing towards plans to face the challenge of the ASEAN Integration 2015!
The forum was welcomed by:
Ms. Maria Teresa Bagaman - VP External , PSQ, Inc.
act as the Emcee for the whole program.

Credits: Philippine Quality Award FB
Welcome Remarks lead by Executive Director Virgilio P. Fulgencio
Credits: Philippine Quality Award FB
DTI Assistant Secretary Rafaelita M. Aldaba presenting
the Orientation of ASEAN Economic Integration 2015

Credits: Philippine Quality Award FB
The 2013 PQA Recipient Organizations for Recognition to Commitment for Quality Management are:
Ciudad Medical Zamboanga (Zamboanga Polymedic Hospital Inc.)
Zamboanga Polymedic Hospital, Inc. - 2013 PQA Recipient
Chief Executive Officer Atty. Jhihann C. Hairun-Natividad presenting their Company's Best Practices and Journey to Performance Excellence

Credits: Philippine Quality Award FB
Lyceum of the Philippines University, Manila
Executive Director, Planning & Dev't. Ms. Ma. Christina G. Aquino - 
Sharing the Best Practices of Lyceum of the Philippines University, Mla. - 2013 PQA Recipient
Credits: Philippine Quality Award FB
Philippine Association of Colleges and University Commission on Accreditation
2013 PQA Recipient, Phil. Association of Colleges & Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) Executive Director Adlai C. Castigador 
Credits: Philippine Quality Award FB
Department of Science and Technology Region XI
Asst. Regional Director - Ms. Elsi Mae A. Solidum presenting
the Best Practices of DOST XI - 2013 PQA Recipient

Credits: Philippine Quality Award FB
Philippine Information Agency
Philippine Information Agency Secretary Hon. Sonny Coloma
Sharing the PIA Best Practices one of the 2013 PQA Recipients

Credits: Philippine Quality Award FB

The Open Forum and Integration:
PQA Recipients during the open forum session of the program
Credits: Philippine Quality Award FB
PQA Senior Assessor Mr. Joel Amante during the Integration
Credits: Philippine Quality Award FB
PQAF, Inc. President Mr. Angelito Sarmiento formally Close the Forum
Credits: Philippine Quality Award FB
representatives from the 5 PQA Awardees with Asst Sec DTI- Aldaba and President PQAF, Inc. Mr Angelito Sarmiento
The dedication of the PQA administrators,  agencies, PQA assessors and technical editors were acknowledged:
PQA Administrators DAP represent by Mr. Arnel Abanto and PSQ, Inc. by Ms. Maria Teresa Bagaman received their Certificate of Appreciation together with DTI Executive Director Virgilio Fulgencio, PQAF President Angelito Sarmiento and DTI Asst. Secretary Rafaelita Aldaba 
Credits: Philippine Quality Award FB

16th cycle PQA Assessors and Technical Editors received their Certificate of Appreciation together with DTI-Executive Director Virgilio Fulgencio, PQAF President Mr. Angelito Sarmiento and DTI-Asst. Secretary Rafaelita Aldaba
Credits: Juvee Calica
Here are more pictures with Ciudad Medical Zamboanga's participation to the 16th Cycle PQA Forum:

CMZ (ZPHI) Team: HRM Juvee Calica, BOD Dr. Albert Tan, CMZ Chairman, Edwin To and CMZ CEO, Atty. Jhihann Natividad with DTI Assistant Secretary Rafaelita M. Aldaba (center)

CMZ CEO with DTI PJ Roque:
Thanks for all our communications with DTI-PQA and of course, to your DTI team for being one of the encouraging forces for CMZ (ZPHI) to go on with the challenging Journey to Performance Excellence through PQA! 

with PQA Assessors from DOST Region IX,
the first PQA Recipient in Region 9

In the succeeding months, the Dept. of Trade and Industry with the Development Academy of the Philippines and Philippine Society of Quality will be conducting a series of PQA Roadshows and seminars to further share this day of learning and benchmarking to different cities in the Philippines and to different types of industries.

Hope you would be able to attend one of these insightful activities and start off or continue with your journey to Performance Excellence!

Thursday, May 15, 2014


The PHILIPPINE QUALITY AWARD is now moving on to the 17th Cycle.

I saw this May 9, 2014 Manila Bulletin and presenting the organizations who garnered the 16th Cycle Philippine Quality Award Recognition for Commitment to Quality Management and an Invitation to the Philippine Quality Award (PQA) Forum this May 15, 2014 at the Heritage Hotel Manila.

Here is more about the Philippine Quality Award (PQA) Forum:

Also in the News Feature was an invitation to be one of the PQA Assessors:

 Last March 10-14, 2014, DTI conducted the PQA Assessors Preparatory Course (prerequisite course) and by the end of May, the PQA Assessors Calibration Course is offered for one to become a full-pledged PQA Assessor.

Actually, being a PQA Assessor is service to the country itself and we thank the PQA Assessors for sharing their time to assess all the aspiring organizations.
Ciudad Medical Zamboanga (Zamboanga Polymedic Hospital Inc.) delegates with DTI -Secretary Gregory L. Domingo at the PQA Conferment Ceremony at Malacañang Palace

We, in CMZ (ZPHI) would like to invite organizations to vie for the Philippine Quality Award to reach the goal of Quality Management and Performance Excellence.

We would also like to invite dedicated people involved in Quality Management and Performance Excellence to join the valued pool of PQA Assessors!

Let us all move forward towards 
Performance Excellence!