Wednesday, May 21, 2014


May 20, 2014 marks my 6 monthsary for In Pinay’s “Ciudad”

Mi Ciudad is Zamboanga City and the other Ciudad close to my heart is Ciudad Medical Zamboanga.

I started off by moving all my stories related to Zamboanga City to this blogpost last October 20, 2013, almost a month after the Zamboanga Siege.

I started with 134 blogposts gathered from In Pinay's Footsteps and In Pinay’s Tummy. I only chose some Zamboanga City stories from In Pinay’s Eyes.

Up to this time, I have added 51 new stories but mostly, related to events within Ciudad Medical Zamboanga for a total of 185 blogposts in 6 months.
Some of the newer stories (Zamboanga Siege and after) are about:
~~27 blogposts related to the Zamboanga Siege
~~18 blogposts on the CMZ B.R.A. Campaign
~~5 blogposts on Breast Wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness
~~7 blogposts on CMZ AVPs on the first 5 years
~~6 blogposts on CMZ related to the Philippine Quality Awards
~~5 blogposts on Our Lady of the Pillar Feast
~~3 blogpost on CMZ’s New Technology: 64 slice CT Scan, MRI, Digital Mammography
~~2 blogposts on CMZ Creative Art: CMZ’s Role in Social Healing
~~1 blogpost on the CMZ Belen Making Contest
~~1 blogpost on the ZC No Smoking Ordinance
~~1 blogpost on Mother's Day

Among the Gadgets and Blogger Communities that interests me are:
1)   Topblogs: I placed In Pinay’s Ciudad under the Community Blogs and usually this blog reaches the 30 to 60 level

2)   Charm (of Promding Chamimay) invited me to join Zamboanga Bloggers last March 2012 and many are very young bloggers and I feel they may not be able to relate with my posts that much

3)   Charm also invited  me to join the BC Bloggers Community for the Commex and I learned a lot with this group!
     a.    many of  the  posts  really  interests me  and I enjoy commenting on every post! 
    b.   This really helped improve my Stats to reach the 100 to 150 visitors per day! 

4)   Blogspot Stats: Audience
    a. Top Ten Countries: Philippines, United States, France, Brazil, Germany, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia and India!
   b.  But what interests me is that last April and early May, France topped my list sometimes with more readers from France than the Philippines and the US! I am surprised of this reach since I have no direct friends from France.
Stats for a Day

Views per Country: Stats per week
View per country: Stats per month
Views per Country: All-Time Stats 
  c.  Interesting countries are Ukraine (even during the height of their civil unrest) and Moldova (where is Moldova!)!

5)   Flag CounterI have now 55 flags in 6 months (compared to 153 flags for In Pinay’s Footsteps in 2 ½ years)

6)      Total Pageviews: 11,571 views 
Posts: Stats per day

Posts: all-time stats
My Top blog Posts on my 6th month (all time):

I look forward to what my experiences will be from hereon and where In Pinay's "Ciudad" may go!

I do hope my stories will continue to be inspiring for you!!!


  1. This post will inspire me to post and update my blog all the time. It's always nice seeing people reading and visiting your blog and watching the stats go up.:)

  2. You are inspiration to us Doc. And I will look forward to more of your inspiring posts. May God bless you more Doc.

    Mommy Maye

  3. Your advocacy to help others is indeed an inspiration to everyone. Continue with what you're doing. I am sure you will gain more support. God bless you always po, Doc! :-)

  4. I love how passionate you are with the work that you do. I hope Charm returns to being active at BCBloggers.