Friday, May 30, 2014


May 31, 2014 marks this year's World No Tobacco Day as I was reminded when I saw Councilor Myra Paz' Facebook Page!

So I posted this picture in support of this advocacy!
Taken at MACY'S NEW YORK! 
What is so important about this day?

Well. after 56 days of information on the Smoking Regulation Ordinance 413 since its launching, this day marks the day of formal implementation for the this ordinance.

I heard Councilor Myra Paz (primary author) this morning at the GBPI TV 11 phone interview reminding the public on the details of this ordinance and with a call for law enforcers for proper implementation so that this ordinance would have more impact! This ordinance is in accordance with a National Law and also is concerned for your health as well as the health of the community and especially, the children (as passive smokers)! They assured that there will be the continuing education campaign related to this ordinance and when school opens, they also intend to have and information drive in school campuses.

So as a reminder, I will post again the details of the Ordinance which I copied from Councilor Myra Paz Facebook Page.

I do hope the community especially the smokers respect the non-smokers and smoke at the designated places. Fines are in order for those who violate the ordinance and smoke in enclosed places and public places including government and private offices, schools, hospitals, clinics, health centers, restaurants, airport and ship terminals as well as places of worship, among others.

And another reminder is: please do not throw the cigarette butts just anywhere, wherein, one will be accountable to the anti-littering law!


  1. I love this initiative.. I hope there will be more of this in all the cities in the Philippines

  2. Smoking is bad to our health and i will be a number 1 supporter for NO- SMOKING campaign. It's always good to live in smoke free environment.:)

  3. Nice to hear ZC already have this ordinance. I just hope that it will be implemented.