Sunday, May 11, 2014


I am away from my family this Mother's Day for continuing medical education reasons...

And as I arrived in New York after a 19-hour Delta flight via Narita, I slept at 6 p.m. here (and 6 a.m. the next day in the Philippines) until dawn.

So when I opened my Facebook, this is what I read!

This is how the message looks in Facebook!
Can you imagine there are already154 likes at this time! 

Of course, I cried while reading this!!!

I remember when he was younger, he was very shy in expressing his feelings to us (parents) on Facebook! And he was so conscious of so many things when he started high school... of what others will think!

He has indeed grown-up... 

And this is my response to him...
And some comments from my friends:
We, mothers, love our children to the highest degree and only want the best for them.

As they are growing up, we hug them, smother them, watch them closely... give them a piece of our mind (several times... sometimes with a higher tone of voice!)... teach them so many things from how to do things to values to school things and about life! 

Then, they become teenagers and have to try to be independent!
12 years after

But, these times are trying times where there are so many temptations in the environment - - rapid change in technology and social media, other activities for holistic growth and development, new interests, new people and new situations! 
and four more years after! (na-rumble lang!)

So we, mothers continue to hope and pray that grow up well and they do very well.

Along the way, they don't, but I usually believe that these are the times when they also are given the chance to wake up and realize on what things they should do and not do... and times to learn to be wiser and stronger!

These are turning points when they learn to develop self-discipline... be less impulsive... learn to assess what they want... learn to focus... find their dreams... find ways to make their dreams a reality!

We never really get to know if we are good mothers until we see our children live their life well with good values and hopefully, successful enough to live a comfortable and happy life! 

That will still be a long way for us to know if we did well!
at A Touch Of Hope Dermatology Clinic

As of the moment, I am happy and proud that I have a sweet son, who may not be perfect but is VERY thoughtful, caring and loving!

I couldn't ask for anything more!!!



  1. S.M. Alvarez: Such a sweet son.....your Joko! I am sure he will make a great doctor!

  2. Monsi D.L.C.: Great moments of togetherness and bonding. God bless!

  3. J. D. Pagente: Wow sweet naman ni only son.

  4. J. D. Pagente: I'm so touched Dra. He is such a nice son.

  5. Jannes C. S.: Oh so sweet.. feel like crying man.... I remember joko gamay pa tabaching ching kaayu.. happy moms day to you doc!

  6. Shobe T-C: Happy mothers day Auntie, so touching gyud ang message ni bro joko.

  7. Cecile T. L.: Wow doc, he sounds so mature for his age! That, in itself, is an achievement Joko and your parents must be so proud of you! Happy mother's day doc! You are so blessed.

  8. Atty Jhi: Only the purest love for a mother could drive a son to write such things. We know MD that you have a man who is set for greater things to happen in his life. God bless you Joko!

  9. You have a really sweet son and love seeing the bond that the both of you have. Happy Belated Mother's Day.

  10. Wow, what a sweet and touching message! You are blessed, doc, and your son is doubly blessed to have you as mom. :-)

  11. Wow! Very Touching Doc. You are very lucky to have a son like Joko, and he is so lucky to have you as his mom. Happy Mother's Day doc.. :-)

  12. Oh, what a sweet moment to receive such messages of love from our children, and their appreciation of what we have done and what we are doing for them.

  13. Oh, I'm teary eyed. I also have a son, and although he is just two years old pa lang, I could somehow relate. Boys ata are less expressive when it comes to words, not to mention publish their feelings for their moms via social media, but your son is truly thoughtful and sweet and I bet he truly loves you and his dad big time. Happy Mom's day, doc! :-)

  14. That was very touching. Trending talaga ang mother's day last sunday.

  15. It's always best reading a very touching message from our loved. So touched reading it. Happy Mother's Day Doc:)

  16. What can I say? Your son is the sweetest. Truth is, we moms don't wish for material things and gifts on this special occasion. Those words your son said are more than enough to melt our heart away. Happy Mother's day doc :)

    Mommy Maye

  17. Very touching and heartwarming! :)
    Your son has outgrown what others would think and it's great that both of you have a great relationship though you're away from home.

  18. Belated Happy Mother's Day. I miss my mom. :'(

  19. I believe everyday should be mother's day so Happy Mother's Day, Doc Pinay! You have raised a sweet and loving son! What a heartwarming message!

  20. Happy Mother's Day, Doc!!! The way our children become truly is dependent on us :)

  21. I am touched by this doc. I have an only son din and only God knows kung madagdagan pa. You're so blessed to have such a thoughtful son.