Friday, May 30, 2014


I would like to share this wonderful "BAYANIHAN" story during the transfer of the CMZ Bra to Raise Awareness Campaign Project highlight, the CIUDAD DE ZAMBOANGA B.R.E.A.S.T. INSTALLATION ART!

B.R.E.A.S.T. means 
Bra to Raise Early Awareness for Screening and Treatment

This Ciudad de Zamboanga B.R.E.A.S.T. Installation Art is  created by the Sulu-born, international artist Rameer Tawasil with artist friends, CMZ staff, trainees and affiliates and partners in the community jointly working with him to finish this innovative advocacy artwork.

The gigantic B.R.A. Art has these dimensions:
Total height including stage: 4.27 m or 14 feet.
Height of stage: 1.22 m or 4 feet
Width: 4.88 m or 16 feet
Depth: 2.44 m or 8 feet

As of May 14, 2014, there is a total of 1580 bras making up this B.R.E.A.S.T. Installation Art with this breakdown:
= = = 505 decorated bras for the giant bra cups and straps. (right cup =181; left cup = 193; center = 14; right strap = 47; left strap = 70)
= = = 202 colored bras for the breast-shaped backdrop.
= = = 50 black bras lining outline of the breast-shaped backdrop.
= = = 441 black bras for the whole stage floor.
= = = 382 black bras for the three sides of the stage. (right side = 85; front side = 205; left side = 92)

We would like to thank Mayor Maria Isabel "Beng" Climaco-Salazar for allowing the transfer of the Ciudad De Zamboanga B.R.E.A.S.T. Installation Art through City Administrator, Antonio G. Orendain, Jr.!
Thanks also to Mr. Joselito "Joey" Wee, OIC-Paseo Del Mar for being so accommodating and supportive during and after the transfer!

Considering this massive size, it is indeed difficult to move the whole B.R.A. Art over to Paseo Del Mar and this entailed the Bayanihan Spirit to make this possible.

Bayanihan means:
Bayanihan (pronounced as bah - yah - nee - han) is a Filipino term taken from the word bayan, referring to a nation, town or community. The whole term bayanihan refers to a spirit of communal unity or effort to achieve a particular objective.

So I would like to share these pictures to demonstrate this!
Rameer Tawasil, primary artist and CMZ HR manager, Ma'am Juvee preparing the site!

Thank you to Maintenance/Engineering Section , ASEGCO Janitorial personnel , ANTHONY Security Agency Personnel,  Pharmacy Department Staff [Edsel, Rodel], Radiology Department, [Regine, Cristina, Radtech Interns] and the CMZ Tricycle Drivers Association and Richard
for helping in the transfer of the B.R.A. Art!

So here is the Team that made this happen. 
Thanks especially for CMZ Administrative Officer, Ms. Ruby Ann Puzon and CMZ HR Manager, Ms. Juvee Calica for coordinating the transfer to Paseo Del Mar with City Officials and with the movers who made this possible with the Bayanihan Spirit.
Thanks again and we do hope that with the transfer of this innovative and creative art advocacy project, Ciudad De Zamboanga B.R.E.A.S.T. Installation Art to the main park of Zamboanga City, PASEO DEL MAR, we would be able to gain a wider reach for our B.R.A. advocacy campaign to the community and visitors to: 

Early Detection and Treatment Save Lives!

The Awareness Starts With Us!

Don't forget to schedule your Breast Wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness lectures at the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Breast Wellness Center with this phone number: 
(63)(62)992-7330 local 1278. 
Credits: Filipinas Rojo
Credits: Filipinas Rojo
This will further give deeper meaning to this B.R.A. awareness campaign with more knowledge and understanding gained from these learning sessions!


Thanks to Ruby and Juvee for most of the pictures!

Excerpt from: Precious Stone Blog by Ms. Ruby Ann Puzon

BRA Installation Art @ Paseo del Mar, Zamboanga City

Credits to Mayor Isabel "Beng" Climaco, City Mayor , Mr. Antonio G. Orendain Jr., City Administrator and Mr. Joselito "Joey" Wee, OIC - Paseo del Mar for the approval and the overwhelming support of the CMZ Breast Cancer Awareness campaign project.

Indeed, our one fine day, turned out to be one of the most memorable and historic day for Ciudad Medical Zamboanga as we share to the community (Ciudad de Zamboanga – City of Zamboanga) the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness through the BRA (Bra to Raise Awareness) campaign project.

In humility, I would personally want to offer my thank you's to the following person who helped us in the transfer and travel of CMZ's BRA Installation Art.

Thank you Mr. Rameer Tawasil, International Artist
Thank you Paseo del Mar security and staff
Thank you Dr. George Rojo, for the transportation  
Thank you Maintenance/Engineering Section  
Thank you ASEGCO Janitorial personnel 
Thank you ANTHONY Security Agency Personnel  
Thank you Pharmacy Department Staff [Edsel, Rodel]  

Thank you CMZ Tricycle Drivers Association 
Thank you Richard, Medical Representative  
Thank you Radiology Department, [Regine, Cristina, Radtech Interns]

Thank you BOD and EXECOM for the support 


  1. That is certainly a lot of work moving the exhibit. but it's great that the people in the other city get to admire and appreciate it also.

  2. Wow, that's a perfect place to display the art so that all the people visiting Paseo del Mar including the bystanders will understand the importance of the awareness.

    1. Yes, indeed, Janz, Paseo Del Mar the perfect place for the Art... where families and friends in Zamboanga enjoy their weekends for a picnic or stroll, friends and family enjoy the restaurants any day of the week and large gatherings such as fun runs and advocacy parades have Paseo Del Mar as either the starting point or the end point !

  3. Haven't blog-hopped here in a while. So nice to see that the bra artwork is on display na! Congrats!!!

  4. Congrats for transferring this beautiful artwork successfully. Kudos to all the members that help out.

    1. I really thought it was so difficult but with the spirit of cooperation, things can be accomplished!

  5. Salute to those people who helped you and congrats for the success transferring the giant BRA artwork. So beautiful!:)

  6. I am really happy that Filipinos still practice the value of bayanihan like in this times. Good job to everyone who extended their support. Kudos to all! :-)

  7. This is nice. This helps the awareness campaign reach more people.

  8. Wow saw this again and it's so huge pala. I salute everyone who worked hard for this project.

    Mommy Maye

  9. Good luck with this endeavor and may this advocacy reach the entire hospitals of the Philippines.

  10. WOW! this is such a success story. I hope other cities will follow suit.

  11. That is one heavy bra, I am most sure. It's probably hard to piece those together and transport it from one place to another. That explains the big truck. :-)

  12. Bayanihan is exactly one of the great things about us Pinoys. :) Good to know that more people will be able to see and appreciate the Bra artwork. Great job!