Tuesday, December 30, 2014

CMZ Radiology 2014: All Ages Team

This dance number is from the ALL AGES TEAM who won the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga (CMZ) Radiology Ballroom Dancing Competition 2014!
Champions for the 2014 CMZ Radiology Ballroom Dance Competition: Nanette Condeno, Pia De Sosa, Charlene Francisco, Ronald Marcos, Nathan Condeno and JR Esposo

The CMZ Radiology is family has really grown in number this 2014 and so our Christmas Party has also evolved from just the interesting and fun Parlor Games and Exchange of Gifts to the Cara Radiolohica of 2013 and now the Talent Program showcasing the CMZ Radiology Ballroom Dance Competition this 2014.

The Dance we will view is not perfect, but we would like to share with you, the talent, the fun, the cooperation and coordination as we in Radiology would also smile as we reminisce the background stories as all the participants prepared for the Competition.

What the CMZ Radiology staff developed as they prepared for the Christmas Ballroom Competition were:
1)  Competence = = We jokingly say, Competensiya or Competition! However, somehow, they found out that Ballroom Dancing was difficult after all especially for their "young" age but they did their best to learn the steps and try to be coordinated.

2) Integrity = = no cheating! though they peeked as others practiced, they just teased them and eventually helped each other.
3) Unity = = they practiced together with other groups. I once saw the boys on night duty practice the part where they needed partners and they said in jest, "Our practice is 24/7!" I found out later that they belonged to four different groups but they tried to help each other out.
4) Dynamism = = we can see the spirit to learn and to accept new things!
5) Accountability = = even with a very minimal prize, they all were accountable to their team to do their best; this winning group was in the middle of practice but since we requested to refresh and decorate the Ciudad De Zamboanga B.R.E.A.S.T. in Paseo Del Mar, they rationalized that this team-building activity will help them win! 

6) Driven by Result = = a wonderful, fun-filled Christmas Ballroom Dance Competition!

Yes, they further developed the values of Ciudad Medical Zamboanga!

Enjoy their wonderful moves and accept their bloopers!

Hope you have fun viewing this dance!

Happy New Year from CMZ Radiology!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


CMZ GOT TALENT is now in its fourth year, thus, the title CMZ GOT TALENT INTENSITY 4.

This teaser is made by our Management Information System through Angel Benigno.

Ciudad Medical Zamboanga would like to share this video with you showcasing the rundown of talents vying for this year's battle of the talents!

It was indeed a very interesting show at the Royce Convention Center last December 6, 2014! 

CMZ is indeed so proud of our talents!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

CMZ Breast Screening at ADZU HS Medical Mission for LUNZURAN @ November 30, 2014

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Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Breast Wellness Center (CMZ-BWC) joined the Ateneo De Zamboanga University High School Medical and Dental Mission last November 30, 2014, for ADZU's Fiesta Week Celebration! 
CMZ Breast Wellness Center Team with CMZ President Joven Monsanto 
Dr. and Mrs. Joven Monsanto (CMZ President), Dr. Filipinas Rojo (CMZ Medical Director), Fr. Penn Abuan (ADZU HS Principal), Ms. Ruby Ann Puzon  (CMZ Administrative Officer) and Dr. Cathy Tan-Usman (ADZU HS School Physician) 
CMZ Breast Wellness Center Team with ADZU HS Principal, Fr. Penn

CMZ BWC offered Breast Screening and Focused Group Discussions on Breast Cancer Awareness during this activity! 

The target community as set by ADZU HS is Lunzuran, which is 7.3 kilometers from Zamboanga City proper.

Ma'am Cristina Bolo and Ms. Ruby Puzon (CMZ Admin Officer) at Registration

Breast Screeners:
Breast Screening by Ma'am Nanette Condeno and Ma'am Lilibeth Magrelos 

Breast Cancer Awareness Survey:
Ma'am Charlene Francisco for Breast Awareness survey

Focused Group Discussion:
Dr. Filipinas Rojo and Ma'am Charlene Francisco for Breast Awareness lecturettes

Interestingly, many of the Lunzuran constituents had also very low awareness regarding breast screening, except for the teachers who were more exposed and who had yearly Clinical Breast examination as part of their Annual Physical Examination.

The Breast Screening and Focused Group Discussions at ADZU HS Medical and Dental Mission were also very fruitful with more intimate exchange regarding breast awareness even with the teachers.

We hope the CMZ Breast Wellness Center made a difference with these women!

Thanks to the Ateneo De Zamboanga High School Clinic Team lead by Dr. Cathy Usman and coordinator, Ms. Edelyn Uy and Ms. Elsie Paragas Miguel for giving us the opportunity to share our services.

Thanks to the faculty and friends of ADZU HS who also made us feel so welcome!
with Ma'am She Tejada-Torralba, ADZU HS Registrar
ADZU HS students' favorite and now Head of Science Department, Sir Jeff Barrera with Brother Carlo Cosme Lacang, Ms. Rosie Hong and Ms. Elsie Paragas-Miguel!
with Ms. Ruby Ann Puzon (CMZ Admin Officer) and Ms. Rosie Hong, the ever caring ADZU HS Assistant Principal

CMZ Breast Screening and Lecture at Curuan ZC @ November 2014

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Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Breast Wellness Center participated at the MEMPCO Curuan Medical and Dental Mission through Breast Screening and through the Breast Cancer Awareness lecture last November 29, 2014! 

This was through the invitation of Sir Finlan Flores of MEMPCO Curuan.

CMZ Breast Wellness Center Team with Sir Finlan Flores of MEMPCO

Although, Curuan is part of Zamboanga City, it is about 45 kilometers away from Zamboanga City proper.

CMZ, however, recognizes MEMPCO (Micro Entrepeneurs Multi-Purpose Cooperative) as one of the partners of the CMZ B.R.A. Campaign Project by donating used bras early this year and as a way to give thanks, CMZ participated in their Medical and Dental Mission even if the location is quite far away.

As a twist to the usual Medical Mission, CMZ Breast Wellness Center decided to conduct free Breast Cancer Awareness lecture and free breast screening to the MEMPCO members who come from Curuan and from the nearby barangays.
Dr. Filipinas Rojo with the Breast Screeners, Ma'am Watchel, Ma'am Nanette, Ma'am Beth and Ma'am Charlene Francisco
Ma'am Nanette Condeno with patients lining for Breast Screening

Zamboanga City Medical Society and the Philippine Obstetrics and Gynecology Society (POGS) also provided free Pap Smear during this Mission, thanks to Dr. Gaye Gonzales and Dr. Ruvelinda Grace Uy. 
with ZCMS and POGS. Dr. Gaye Gonzales and Dr. Ruvelinda Grace Uy with Sir Agonoy of TFZ 21 IB Charlie Coy. 

CMZ also conducted a free Breast Cancer Awareness lecture during the Medical Mission.

Ma'am Charlene shared the knowledge in Chavacano while Ma'am Watchel also taught them Breast Self Examination in Chavacano.
Ma'am Charlene Francisco explaining Breast Awareness in Chavacano
We also surveyed about Breast Cancer Awareness and found out that there is really very poor breast awareness in that area.
CMZ Breast Wellness Center Team with MEMCO Curuan

with TFZ 21 IB Charlie Coy Commander 1Lt. Irvin Hibaler; MEMPCO Chariman, Ludy Roales and Board Member Yolly Mariano
Thanks so much to MEMPCO Curuan for being such gracious hosts!

It was a most memorable day in Curuan and encouraged our spirits to indeed go to the barangays of Zamboanga City to spread the word about Breast Wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness.  

Thanks to Task Force Zamboanga 21 Infantry Battalion Charlie Company (from Cagayan Valley) headed by 1Lt. Irvin Hibaler who accompanied us to Curuan.
But, we would like to share that the trip to Curuan is actually very comfortable and safe.

CMZ Pharmacy Gift Giving at St Francis House 2014

Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Pharmacy under Chief Pharmacist Ms. Edsel Cariz Tiu joined in the Celebration of Pharmacy Week 2014 with the theme: "The Filipino pharmacists for the Filipino people - Ensuring better healthcare, medicines and services."

One of their notable activities is in line with corporate social responsibility: CMZ Pharmacy Gift Giving at St. Francis House in Pasonanca, Zamboanga City sharing the spirit of love and joy also in time for Christmas season.

Kids had their favorite spaghetti and fried chicken!

The kids were able to share their singing and dancing talents and most of all enjoyed the games, where they were able to win fun prizes and goodies.

Everyone was given their loot bag and seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter makes us feel the Christmas spirit once again!

Congratulations to the CMZ Pharmacy Team for initiating such a heartwarming initiative this Pharmacy Week 2014 celebration and this Christmas season! 


St. Francis House in Pasonanca has committed to serve more by taking care of the abandoned children not only in Zamboanga City but also other parts of the Zamboanga Peninsula.  The founder of the orphanage is Fr. Arthur Winikoff and with permit from the DSWD.

By the way, St. Francis is the patron of children who are abandoned and in need of love and care.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Tree at the Paseo Del Mar ZC 2014

December 1, 2014.

Together with the Lighting of the Zamboanga City Hall was also the Lighting of all the other Zamboanga City landmarks like the giant Christmas tree at the Paseo Del Mar!!!

I passed by Paseo Del Mar that night just to view the lighted Christmas Tree and I found out it was also the grand party for all the government offices.

I was happy to get videos of the twinkling LED Christmas light together with the Dancing Fountain which I would like to share with you!

Hope you enjoy watching and decide to visit Paseo Del Mar very soon!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Zamboanga City Hall Lights Christmas 2014

December 1, 2014 marks the day of the ceremonial switching of the Christmas lights at the Zamboanga City Hall as well as the giant Christmas trees and adornments at Plaza Pershing, Plaza Del Pilar and Paseo Del Mar!

I always look forward to this day when the City Hall is lighted!

It is Christmas Time again in Zamboanga City... of course, more festive than last year's Christmas where we just tried to rise up from the Zamboanga Siege! 

Thus, 2014's theme is "Paz" or "Peace", and the City Hall is bedecked with Blue and Silver trimmings as the predominant colors. This is so different from the decors of the past Christmases.

PAZ is written at the belfry area.


(It means Development in Spanish! Although, I am not sure if it means Prosperity in Chavacano...) 

Let us all visit these landmarks and enjoy the spirit of Christmas in Zamboanga City!!!

P.S. This is a one sided angle of the Zamboanga City Hall... a view as one passes the place by transportation!

But I posted this to show the overview of the twinkling blue and silver lights together with the Christmas carols.

I do hope I get the chance to come down and visit the tableau with the Nativity scene and the camels and take note, live sheep! Most interesting indeed! 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


This blogpost is taken from In Pinay's Footsteps and reblogged for the 2014 updates!

Zamboanga City Hall is a real historical landmark of Zamboanga City considering that it is already more than a century old.
Zamboanga City Hall - The construction of this building started in 1905 and was completed in 1907 by the Federal Government of the United States for the then American Governors of the area which included: Leonard 0. Wood, Tasker H. Bliss, Ralph W. Hoyt, and Gen. John Pershing of World War I fame. Today, this serves as the City Hall of Zamboanga City where the Mayor holds office.
in June 2009
in 2011
The Zamboanga City Hall is a focal point of the City and more so during the Christmas season
...because of the festive air with all the beautiful lights of the City hall itself and also in the adjacent plazas. ...this is another update of these previous links which I thought I should do to complete the comparisons through the years...
zamboanga-city-hall-2000-to-2012 http://inpinaysfootsteps.blogspot.com/2012/12/zamboanga-city-hall-2000-to-2012.html zamboanga-city-hall 2011 
http://inpinaysfootsteps.blogspot.com/2011_09_01_archive.html zamboanga-city-hall-lights-2011
2000 - In retrospect, I am not so sure of the date ....
Just wanted to capture the perfect moment with less than perfect shots...
2008. The Zamboanga City Hall is now more colorful this Christmas.
Embellishing the century-old City Hall has improved a lot over the years... the lights are brighter and the colors more varied.
They may have spent more, but I think they also made a lot of people happier -- young and old... from ZC and visitors, too.
There is snow in Zamboanga City!
The lights really attracted everyone...and these white flakes you see are not artifacts/specks of the picture but "snow".
How everyone wanted to see the "snow"!
And young and old alike were just excited about it.
And the surrounding plazas were also brightly adorned with the neon-lit Plaza Pershing and the meaningful Belen in Plaza Rizal.
The entrance to Plaza Pershing and the gazebo all add up to the Christmas-y air!
And of course, the giant Christmas tree inside!
the brightly lit gazebo in Plaza Pershing
The Nativity Scene in Plaza Rizal is also as attractive and eye-catching! 
the tableau of the nativity in Plaza Rizal near ZC City Hall
A friend commented, that he didn't see this in Cebu that the Zamboanga City Hall area was so beautifully lighted for Christmas.
I posted about our century-old City Hall separately last year with this link: http://inpinaysfootsteps.blogspot.com/2011/12/zamboanga-city-hall-lights-circa.html  
And the adjacent plazas were also brightly adorned with the neon-lit Plaza Pershing and the meaningful Belen in Plaza Rizal.
I just had a glimpse of the Zamboanga City Hall this year!  They just lighted the ZC City Hall together with the other parks just a few days ago! Everyone again drives around the area or strolls around, of course, for all the photo opportunities!
And a glimpse of the neighboring Plaza Pershing...
A lot had happened to our beloved City this 2013... a most memorable almost month-long Zamboanga Siege from the fated Sept 9 to the end of September and this was followed by flooding in many parts of Zamboanga City in early October! Somehow, looking at our Zamboanga City Hall also instills hope on the people. We did not have the mardi gras for the 2013 Fiesta Hermosa, but the lighted City Hall was inspiring. Here is a link: zamboanga-city-hall-lighted-for-fiesta.html
October 12, 2013 with the Lady of the Pillar at the City hall facade
Here is Zamboanga City Hall for Christmas 2013!
The Belen (Nativity scene) is now in the Center in front of the City Hall.

Yes, the Zamboanga City Hall is less festive and less colorful than in the prior years, but of course, it is fitting with the times. This is the lighted Plaza Pershing for 2013!
The folks still flock to the area...which was heartwarming. We continue to be so happy to see Christmas in the air in the heart of our City every year!!!
We now have a different look this Christmas, with the  2014 Theme, "Paz y Alegria y Desarrollo" (Peace, Joy and Development), thus, the predominant colors of Blue and Silver in the Christmas decorations... reminiscent of "Frozen"!