Tuesday, December 30, 2014

CMZ Radiology 2014: All Ages Team

This dance number is from the ALL AGES TEAM who won the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga (CMZ) Radiology Ballroom Dancing Competition 2014!
Champions for the 2014 CMZ Radiology Ballroom Dance Competition: Nanette Condeno, Pia De Sosa, Charlene Francisco, Ronald Marcos, Nathan Condeno and JR Esposo

The CMZ Radiology is family has really grown in number this 2014 and so our Christmas Party has also evolved from just the interesting and fun Parlor Games and Exchange of Gifts to the Cara Radiolohica of 2013 and now the Talent Program showcasing the CMZ Radiology Ballroom Dance Competition this 2014.

The Dance we will view is not perfect, but we would like to share with you, the talent, the fun, the cooperation and coordination as we in Radiology would also smile as we reminisce the background stories as all the participants prepared for the Competition.

What the CMZ Radiology staff developed as they prepared for the Christmas Ballroom Competition were:
1)  Competence = = We jokingly say, Competensiya or Competition! However, somehow, they found out that Ballroom Dancing was difficult after all especially for their "young" age but they did their best to learn the steps and try to be coordinated.

2) Integrity = = no cheating! though they peeked as others practiced, they just teased them and eventually helped each other.
3) Unity = = they practiced together with other groups. I once saw the boys on night duty practice the part where they needed partners and they said in jest, "Our practice is 24/7!" I found out later that they belonged to four different groups but they tried to help each other out.
4) Dynamism = = we can see the spirit to learn and to accept new things!
5) Accountability = = even with a very minimal prize, they all were accountable to their team to do their best; this winning group was in the middle of practice but since we requested to refresh and decorate the Ciudad De Zamboanga B.R.E.A.S.T. in Paseo Del Mar, they rationalized that this team-building activity will help them win! 

6) Driven by Result = = a wonderful, fun-filled Christmas Ballroom Dance Competition!

Yes, they further developed the values of Ciudad Medical Zamboanga!

Enjoy their wonderful moves and accept their bloopers!

Hope you have fun viewing this dance!

Happy New Year from CMZ Radiology!!!

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