Friday, July 29, 2016

CMZ BRAngay Project 37: Southcom National High School

July 29, 2016.

The E-Media Servicio Caravan is always exciting and Ciudad Medical Zamboanga is always happy to be a part of this. Today, Southcom National High School is our stop.

There really was a festive air at the Southcom National High School with Principal Gloria Carpio and E-Media stalwarts, Rey Bayona Bayoging and Ma'am Joy Bayoging​ and Hanna and of course, all our favorite E Media personalities!

They had Medical and Dental services, videoke and program for everyone with Ma'am Gay Baylosis​ on stage. There were also haircut and massage services and feeding plus other freebies from sponsors.

Medical, Dental and Eye Services and with medicines through the Philippine Pharmacists Association.

Medical Examination with ECG with Dr. Roger Fernandez.

Program for everyone with Videoke.

Some sponsors.

Ciudad Medical Zamboanga​ together with the Zamboanga City Medical Society​ shares our part with the E-Media​ Servicio Caravan through:
1) Doctors for the Medical Mission with Dr. Neil Alden Tan and Dr. Wilson James Lim​
2) Breast Cancer Awareness orientation for Grade 9-10 students

3) Breast Screening through CBE

Medical Check-up with Dr. Neil Alden Tan and Dr. Wilson James Lim​

Breast Cancer Awareness orientation for Grade 9-10 students with Dr. Filipinas Rojo, Ms. Watchel Basilio and Ms. Anely Enad

Shirt Designing on Breast Cancer Awareness 

Pose with the young ladies

Breast Screening through CBE

This is indeed a fun and enlightening learning experience with service and advocacy and we are fortunate to be a part of the E-Media Servicio Caravan family!

Thursday, July 21, 2016


July 20, 2016 

Today, we visit Barangay Mercedes for our CMZ BRAngay Project no. 36.

It was a blessing in disguise when I sat beside Barangay Mercedes Kagawad, Hon. Edna Sumergido, during the HIV conference and who I found to be a very active social worker and public servant. She asked if we have been to Mercedes then invited us to conduct the advocacy at the Barangay Hall of Mercedes for her women group.
So, here we are at Barangay Mercedes and welcomed by the Barangay Captain, Hon. Purificacion Delgado and Kagawad, Hon. Edna Sumergido!


Welcome and "I Can Serve" Video by Ms. Annely Enad, Breast Wellness nurse.

Breast Cancer Awareness Lecture by Dr. Filipinas Rojo

More on Breast Self Examination by Ms. Watchel Basilio, CMZ MRI Nurse
Sharing by Ms. Agnes Jakosalem, teacher at Mercedes Elementary School and Thyroid Ca survivor.
with the teachers of Mercedes Elementary School

CMZ BRAngay Team for Breast Screening by Clinical Breast Exam.
with Barangay Captain Hon. Purificacion Delgado and Kagawad Hon. Edna Sumergido

Group photos.

Thank you for giving the CMZ Breast Wellness Center the opportunity to serve and share to "Love Your Breasts and have then checked!" and that "Early Detection and Treatment save lives!" 

Looking forward to our next BRAngay Project!

Saturday, July 9, 2016


June 12, 2016: 
The Zonta Club of Zamboanga City celebrated their 36th Anniversary and Induction of Officers and New Members. 

On this same day, Zonta Club - ZC Chapter also awarded 7 Outstanding Empowered Women from Zamboanga City. 

These women are not members of the Zonta Club at the time of Awarding and chosen from the Zamboanga community. 

This is the first time, the Zonta Club of ZC has undergone this endeavor.

The awardees for the 7 Outstanding Empowered Women of Zamboanga City are:

Ms. Myrna Inocencio (Business), Atty. Evangelina Doctolero (Law), Ms. Norma Camins (Arts, Culture and Heritage), Ms. Queenie Casimiro (Media), Dr. Socorro Canaya (Education), Darlene Pajarito (Public Service) and
Dr. Filipinas Ricamora Rojo (Medicine)

Awardees together with Zontians, Ms. Chit Ong, Incoming President Ma. Concepcion Gapoy, Ms. Myrna Inocencio (Business), Atty. Evangelina Doctolero (Law), Ms. Norma Conti (Art, Culture and Heritage), Ms. Queenie Casimiro (Media), Dr. Socorro Canaya (Education), Ms. Mary Usman, Atty. Darlene Pajarito (Public Service), Outgoing President Ms. Evelina Balbon, Dr. Filipinas Rojo (Medicine) and Ms. Pilar Torres. 

Here are our other photos:
Zontians with Mayor Isabel Climaco-Salazar
(photo credit: Dr. Bernie Santiago)

 Zonta Zamboanga Chapter officers with outgoing President Evelina Balbon, incoming President Maria Concepcion Gapoy and President-elect Rita Ong.

Induction of New Zonta Zamboanga City Chapter members

with Dr. Mila Fernandez, one of the Zonta ZC stalwarts
with Ms. Jennifer Que who coordinated with the awardees
with Ms. Rosella Kue-Tan and Ms. Rita Ong
with Ms. Pilar Tan, Ms. Mary Usman, FR, Dr. Bernie Santiago, Ms. Chit Ong, Ms. Winnie Tan

Thank you to the Zonta Club of Zamboanga City for the honor to be among the these outstanding empowered women!