Thursday, July 21, 2016


July 20, 2016 

Today, we visit Barangay Mercedes for our CMZ BRAngay Project no. 36.

It was a blessing in disguise when I sat beside Barangay Mercedes Kagawad, Hon. Edna Sumergido, during the HIV conference and who I found to be a very active social worker and public servant. She asked if we have been to Mercedes then invited us to conduct the advocacy at the Barangay Hall of Mercedes for her women group.
So, here we are at Barangay Mercedes and welcomed by the Barangay Captain, Hon. Purificacion Delgado and Kagawad, Hon. Edna Sumergido!


Welcome and "I Can Serve" Video by Ms. Annely Enad, Breast Wellness nurse.

Breast Cancer Awareness Lecture by Dr. Filipinas Rojo

More on Breast Self Examination by Ms. Watchel Basilio, CMZ MRI Nurse
Sharing by Ms. Agnes Jakosalem, teacher at Mercedes Elementary School and Thyroid Ca survivor.
with the teachers of Mercedes Elementary School

CMZ BRAngay Team for Breast Screening by Clinical Breast Exam.
with Barangay Captain Hon. Purificacion Delgado and Kagawad Hon. Edna Sumergido

Group photos.

Thank you for giving the CMZ Breast Wellness Center the opportunity to serve and share to "Love Your Breasts and have then checked!" and that "Early Detection and Treatment save lives!" 

Looking forward to our next BRAngay Project!

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