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March 10, 2016  For the second S.T.E.P.H. Program, CMZ had Grade 10 students from a private Catholic school, St. Joseph School with 50 participants.
S.T.E.P.H. stands for Student Tour for Exposure to Professions in Healthcare which is a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program under Human Resource with Ms. Juvee Calica, HR Manager as lead.

The STEPH Program aims to assist Grade 10 in their career choice through exposure to the hospital setting, which we hope will broaden their knowledge that work available in hospitals are not limited to doctors and nurses but also to technology related as well as administrative and finance type of jobs. This will show them a glimpse of the reality of work in hospitals as well as give them the chance to interact with the workforce.



Thank you so much to the very accommodating Sr. Ma. Virginia Benito OP, SJS Principal for accepting the invitation and for being the first private school to be part of the CMZ STEPH Program.
We do hope other junior high schools would follow suit and give the opportunity for their students to experience what are the work possibilities in the hospital setting. 

The CMZ STEPH Program is open anytime but more feasible during the opening of the next school year June 2016 to March 2017.


March 7, 2016 is the launching of the S.T.E.P.H. Program  with the first participants, 105 Grade 10 students (STE A and STE B and SOF) of Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School.

S.T.E.P.H. stands for Student Tour for Exposure  to Professions in Healthcare which is a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program under Human Resource with Ms. Juvee Calica, HR Manager as lead.
During Orientation with HR Manager Juvee Calica, Medical Director Filipinas Rojo and Nursing Director Ma'am Tet Calma and Closing Remarks by CEO Atty. Jhihann Natividad.

High School students preferably Grade 10 students are invited to the STEPH Program to assist them in their career choice. Exposure to the hospital setting will broaden their knowledge that work available in hospitals are not limited to doctors and nurses but also to technology related as well as administrative and finance type of jobs. 
At ER, OR, ICU and wards

At Rehab, Radiology, Pharmacy and Accounting
At Mammography, CT Scan and MRI of the Radiology Department
This will show them a glimpse of the reality of work in hospitals as well as give them the chance to interact with the workforce.
Facilitators SAM and AA with Radiology staff, Ian, Watchel of MRI and Jeanrose of CT Scan

Facilitators KRIS and Ma'am ANN

Facilitators, AICA and ROWE

Facilitators EDSEL and ANDREW and with Ma'am Earl of DPLMHS

Facilitators, KATHY and AIRENE
On the side of CMZ, we hope that we can encourage more students to enter the healthcare organizations to help augment the turnover of staff, with workforce also given the opportunity to work abroad.

Thank you so much to the very pro-active Dr. Socorro Canaya, DPLMHS Principal for being the first school to accept our invitation.

Thank you to Ma'am Liza Earl Angeles and Sir Rey Taripe for accompanying the students to Ciudad Medical Zamboanga.

This was a very fruitful day for all of us!!!
Oh No, it's Boy March 9, 2016 issue

CMZ introduces a new CSR: the CMZ S.T.E.P.H. Program @ 2016

This 2016, Ciudad Medical Zamboanga is introducing a new Corporate Social Responsibility program, the CMZ S.T.E.P.H. Program.

S.T.E.P.H. stands for Student Tour for Exposure to Professions in Healthcare which is a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program under Human Resource with Ms. Juvee Calica, HR Manager as lead.

We have had several human resource issues discussed and among them were:

1) In the past few years, there has been a quick turnover of workforce in the hospital, mainly to work opportunities abroad. CMZ's nurse attrition rate for 2013 was 5% but rose to 14% and 16% in 2014 and 2015 respectively.
2)  Many of the applicants appear to have no idea on the work that they are applying for, with the generic phrase, "for any available position".
3)  Survey of CMZ with three public school Grade 9-10 students show that about 70% of students have no idea yet what course they want to get into. Of the 30%, who have an idea, 44% prefers the education sector and 25% prefers the field of science 
4) Not all schools have the capability of a comprehensive career guidance program for their students. 
   a) A complete career guidance program costs more than a thousand pesos and in private schools, shouldered by the student. This may be utilized by private schools but more likely, difficult for public school students.
     b) there are limited registered guidance counsellors throughout the country 
5)  With the new K to 12 curriculum, there is also a change in the high school system with students choosing the career track they want to get into such as STEM (Science, Technology and Engineering), ABM (Accounting, Business and Management) and GAS (General Academic Strand).

In a unified guideline and concept paper by DOLE, DepEd, DOST, CHEd, TESDA and PRC known as the Career Guidance Advocacy Program Plan for 2013-2016, possible issues that may be encountered as implementation challenges are as follows:
1) Limited number of registered guidance counselors, members of established Network of Guidance Counselors and Career Advocates;
2) Lack of strategic framework and communications plan for career advocacy;
3) Limited print and non-print Labor Market Information materials, with limited access by the public and other consumers of information;
4) Limited and uncoordinated government programs on career guidance; and
5) Insufficient financial and manpower resources to promote career advocacy.
The network however also has come up with an action plan to ensure the implementation of this government program.

CMZ was already conceptualizing the program where we wanted to help students in their career choice through a hospital tour where students are exposed to the different work possibilities. The students see the personnel in their workplace, the work they do, the machines they work with and the chance to talk to the staff about their jobs. This Program is geared to both private and public schools.

General Objectives:
1.  To assist Grade 10 students in their career decision through exposure to professions within a healthcare organization.
2.  Long Term: To improve applications within healthcare organizations.

Specific Objectives:
1.  To introduce to students the different professions within the healthcare organization.
2. To expose the students to the different areas and workforce within the healthcare institution.
3. To broaden the students’ understanding of the personnel within the healthcare institution through interaction with workforce.
4. To expose students on healthcare-related advocacies specifically, Breast Cancer Awareness and Hand Wasshing.

There were already meetings with the Core group starting last quarter of 2015, with the informal survey done at this time.

This was followed by a meeting of the CMZ Executive Committee with the middle managers last January 26, 2016 about the Program and for their inputs on how to create an interesting and fruitful program for students.

The core group already had feedback from the education sector prior to meeting with the middle managers so the outline of the program was already in place for them to comment upon.

January 21, 2016 and February 16, 2016. However, CMZ initially wanted to understand more about the K to 12 program and how the exposure tour would fit in the new school system and approached the Ateneo De Zamboanga High School Guidance office for enlightenment.
Guidance Office stalwarts, Mr. Santiago Araneta and Ms. Aimee Valmonte with CMZ group

From our discussion, the best set of participants would be Grade 10 students, just before they choose their track for Senior High School, although, this is also beneficial for Senior High School students as they may have a more concrete plan for college. 

One of the our considerations for the choice of Grade 10 was that the track chosen by students for Senior High would already be geared for College and an earlier exposure may lessen chance for shifting of courses. 

February 6, 2016. Hardam Furigay Colleges in Basilan requested for a study tour which CMZ gladly obliged to, also to have the feel of the flow of the study tour. 

The experience with the Hardam Furigay students further strengthened CMZ to push through with the STEPH program as the students were so ecstatic and grateful for the exposure and made them more excited in the healthcare courses they are now in. 

February 16, 2016. We were also able to talk to a principal from a public school, Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School, learned more about the K to 12 Program and also for the invitation and DPLMHS turned out to be our first recipient of this CSR program.
CMZ HR Manager, Ms. Juvee Calica, with the very pro-active Dr. Socorro Canaya, DPLMHS principal and incidentally, Region IX's best principal for 2015 and with CMZ Medical Director, Dr. Filipinas Rojo and Ms. Catherine Baginda.

February 18, 2016. We also visited Sr. Virginia Benito, St. Joseph School principal who accommodated us and became the first recipient for the private schools.

The main objective of this STEPH Program is to assist junior and senior high school students, preferably Grade 10 students in their career choice through their direct exposure to the hospital setting, which will broaden their knowledge that work available in hospitals are not limited to doctors and nurses but also to technology-related as well as administrative and finance type of jobs. 

This will show them a glimpse of the reality of work in hospitals as well as give them the chance to interact with the workforce. The students are also exposed to CMZ's corporate social responsibility and healthcare advocacies particularly on breast cancer awareness and hand washing for the community. 

The orientation, experiential hospital tour and the interaction with personnel could hopefully add to the factors for the students' informed career decision. 

On the side of CMZ, we hope that we can encourage more students to enter the healthcare organizations to help augment the turnover of staff, with workforce also given the opportunity to work abroad.

From the usual career talks held in schools, CMZ levels up as career advocates and offers the CMZ S.T.E.P.H. Program as an innovative and progressive corporate social responsibility program to help guide junior and senior high school students in their career choice, hopefully, to augment the schools' efforts for career guidance, if present.

The CMZ S.T.E.P.H. Program will start the end of this schoolyear 2015-2016 with two STEPH initiatives: 
1) Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School for the public school sector  ~~ March 7, 2016
2) St. Joseph School for the private school sector ~~ March 10, 2016.

Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School Grade 10

St. Joseph School Grade 10
CMZ will be sending invitations to public and private junior and senior high schools in Zamboanga City for the next schoolyear but would be most willing to prioritize the STEPH Program to schools that signify their interest.

We look forward to having partnerships with more Zamboanga City schools in the next schoolyear from June 2016 to March 2017, as Ciudad Medical Zamboanga hopes to be instrumental in the guiding the youth of Zamboanga City towards informed career decision and promotion of health advocacies.

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March is International Women's Month and March 20, 2016 is the Fourth Anniversary of the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga BREAST WELLNESS CENTER

To celebrate these special days, the CMZ Breast Wellness Center is inviting all women (in Zamboanga City) to come and join us this March 21, 2016 for FREE BREAST SCREENING.

~~~ Clinical Breast Examination
~~~ Breast Self Examination will be taught to participants

March 21, 2016

from 10:00 AM to 12:00 NN

and  2:00PM to 4:00 PM 

What are you waiting for?

Learn more and visit us at CMZ 
Breast Wellness Center!

Register and have your breast checked!!!

call us at 
(062) 992-7330 Local: 1278 
Look for Ms. Annely O. Enad, RN. 

Have you been checked?
Love your breasts. Have them checked!
Early detection and treatment save lives.

P.S. Goodies await for the early birds!

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This is the Ad material Ciudad Medical Zamboanga submitted for the 51st Anvil Awards Souvenir Program distributed last February 26, 2016 during the 51st Anvil Awards Gabi Ng Parangal at the Rizal Ballroom of the Makati Shangrila Hotel.

This was prepared by CMZ CEO Atty. Jhihann Hairun-Natividad, CMZ Medical Director Dr. Filipinas Rojo and MIS Zaerif Ajanab.

The CMZ B.R.A. (Bra to Raise Awareness) Campaign Project won the GOLD ANVIL AWARD for Public Relations Programs: Specialized Advocacy Campaign for the innovative breast cancer advocacy program in Zamboanga City.
HR Manager, Ms. Juvee Calica, CMZ CEO Atty. Jhihann Hairun-Natividad, CMZ Medical Director Dr. Filipinas Rojo and Ms. Cristina Bolo, B.R.A. Artist and CMZ BRAngay Team.

CMZ B.R.A. (Bra to Raise Awareness) Campaign Project : THE ADVOCACY CONTINUES

The Ciudad Medical Zamboanga B.R.A. (Bra to Raise Awareness) Campaign Project is an innovative Breast Wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness advocacy project using brassieres, developed by the CMZ Breast Wellness Center to intensify breast awareness through community partnership. It was observed that even a year after the launching of the CMZ Breast Wellness Center last March 2012, a low level of Breast Cancer awareness continued to prevail in Zamboanga City wherein as basic as Breast Self Examination (BSE) was not a common knowledge and practice. Thus, CMZ felt the need to utilize Art, Education and Screening to increase and inspire breast awareness among the Zamboanga community through the creation and display of several Installation Artworks; and, to reach out to the barangay level, through its offshoot, the CMZ BRAngay Project. (BReast Awareness to neighborhoods, groups, associations and the youth).

The Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Breast Wellness Center (CMZ-BWC) is well aware that Breast Cancer is one of the most common cancers in the Philippines, the highest incidence rate in Asia and with very low survival rate of 40-50%. CMZ also recognizes that better disease awareness helps detect the disease at an earlier, thereby, more curable stage.
CMZ has been conducting lectures to private and public offices and organizations on Breast Cancer Awareness from March 2012 to 2013. However, succeeding pre-lecture surveys continued to show that that most women in Zamboanga City still have not heard about Breast Screening (more than 90%) or for those who have heard of it, they do not practice this (98%).
Among the gaps observed were:
1)  The program was low-key and traditional and focused on offices. This did not create a call to the community for its importance and need, thus, it did not gain significant impact for the Breast Wellness program; 
2)  The culture in Zamboanga City is conservative with a significant number of laid-back Muslim and Christian religious folks who do not want to talk about breast concerns. 
3)  Generally passive community in relation to health needs since invitations for lectures to barangays are usually not answered unless there is repeated communication or a follow-up with a community leader who will initiate such programs. 
4)  Fear of the community on reality, particularly on the topic of Breast Cancer. 

5)  Cost of care and economics.
6)  Zamboanga City Health Office has many other pressing health issues and needs, especially related to the Internally Displaced Persons from the Zamboanga City Siege in 2013, thus, this is not a priority program for the government sector even up to the present. 
A conversation with a nationally known Muslim artist brought about the idea of using Art to create breast awareness. During the brainstorming, the use of brassieres as Art medium was conceptualized, after which well-defined strategies were deliberated upon and designed to communicate and promote the advocacy to the community.
Thus, to address this concern, the CMZ-BWC developed the CMZ B.R.A. (Bra to Raise Awareness) Campaign Project with the ultimate goal of creating a highly innovative Breast Cancer awareness drive combining Healthcare Advocacy and Art.
CMZ BRAngay Project (its offshoot) was then developed to intensify promotion of Breast Cancer Awareness through education and screening, which are given for free to the Zamboanga City community.
The project’s intended audiences are as follows:
1)  For the Art-related initiatives, the general public in agencies, malls, supermarkets and schools and City Park to recognize the value of being informed of the Advocacy. 
2)  Women from Zamboanga City as early as 15 years old to 65 years old are the primary targets for lectures, whether they are gathered by schools, organizations or barangays. 
3)  Patients and survivors as partners to help inspire and promote early detection. 
4)  Health professionals especially CMZ workforce (physicians and employees) as stimulus and driving force of the project through participation in the Art and Education/ Screening initiatives and as ambassadors to help spread reliable information on Breast Cancer. 
5) Policy makers and key opinion leaders from the City Government and private organizations for use of government and private facilities for special projects and to inspire them to be involved as their influence can help widen the reach for the advocacy. 
6)  Media for dissemination of the advocacy to the general public within and outside of Zamboanga City. 
7) Other sectoral groups (youth) and professions (teachers, government office workers), to address common or shared concerns of specific target groups. 
Specifically, the CMZ B.R.A. Campaign Project with the CMZ BRAngay Project aims to attain the following objectives.
1)  To involve CMZ workforce units in the hospital by participating in 80% of the activities 
2) To involve partner institutions in the Zamboanga City community for the CMZ B.R.A. Campaign Project activities. 
3) To create public BRA installation artworks displayed in strategic areas to capture the interest of the community and draw them to the purpose of the advocacy; 
4)  To utilize traditional media and social media to share about the public installation artworks to extend the reach of the advocacy and more importantly, to convey the essence of the advocacy. 
5)  To conduct breast awareness lectures and breast screening to the Zamboanga City community, prioritizing barangays, urban poor and rural groups but also including organizations, government and privates offices and schools.
CMZ acknowledged that promotion of Breast Cancer Awareness is a challenge and would require intensive efforts in the Zamboanga City community, thus, an awareness strategy interweaving Art and Breast Education with Screening may produce a more tangible effect for the advocacy.
To realize the objectives, the CMZ BRA Campaign Project sought to recognize the role of CMZ and the stakeholders through the following strategies:
1)  Development of the initiatives by the CMZ Execom with the CMZ BWC related to BRA Art and Education with screening. 
2) As initial awareness strategy, the collection of bras for the Installation Art as an opportunity to introduce the concept of brassieres as Art medium for the Advocacy; and tapping the whole CMZ workforce as well as partner institutions in the community including schools, supermarkets, offices and organizations. 
3)  As outdoor media, the creation of Installation Art, especially the giant BRA, the Ciudad De Zamboanga B.R.E.A.S.T. (Bra to Raise Early Awareness for Screening and Treatment) Installation Art placed in a strategic place in the City, particularly for nine months at the main City Park, Paseo Del Mar as Breast Cancer Awareness icon.
4)  Development of other installation artworks (outdoor media) by the CMZ BWC and CMZ Maintenance Team with contribution from CMZ workforce for BRA Art. 
5) Coordination with government agencies, barangays, organizations and media for activities involving their participation. 
6)  Creation of the CMZ BRAngay Team to implement all the CMZ BRAngay Project activities as breast lecturers and screeners, to be reinforced by the pool of CMZ volunteer nurses. 
7)  Conduct of pre-activity and post-activity surveys by the CMZ BRAngay Team for each activity to assess level of awareness of the participants. 
The Ciudad Medical Zamboanga B.R.A. Campaign Project proposed a novel awareness strategy to the larger problem of Breast Cancer in Zamboanga City using a two-pronged approach: 1) Brassieres as Art medium to create a strong visual impact for Breast Cancer Awareness within Zamboanga City to complement and inspire the education efforts and 2) Breast Education with Screening to reach out to the barangay levels through its offshoot, the CMZ BRAngay Project. (BReast Awareness to neighborhoods, groups, associations and the youth).
Challenges for BRA to Raise Awareness.
Prior to implementation, there were apprehensions related to use of brassieres in the advocacy. One apprehension was that women consider bras as very personal. Another issue is the acceptability of brassieres as art medium to conservative religious groups and women’s groups, and considered consultative meetings prior to start of the project. The main challenge considered was that display of bras would trigger “outrage” and may be unacceptable to our community. For the conservative, the use of brassieres may be thought provoking and shocking to the conscience and may cause minds to wander, thus, distracting the public from its lofty purpose.
The solution considered was to give attention to the decoration of the bras so they do not appear as underwear materials.
During the initial implementation, CMZ workforce was already enthusiastic and cooperative with use of their artistic ability in the advocacy and the engagement of the CMZ workforce continued with the collection of donated bras with the element of friendly competition. The response of the CMZ workforce was overwhelming.
However, as expected, there were still some sectors in the Zamboanga Community who conveyed their apprehensions related to the use of brassieres in the advocacy, especially from the schools.
During the collection period, the CMZ workforce and eventually, the community partners gathered for a BRA Art workshop with the artist, to initiate the decoration of the bras so these do not appear as underwear. The workshop gathered beautifully embellished bras so there was no need for consultative meetings to check if the bra medium was acceptable.
Challenges for CMZ BRAngay Project.
The passive and conservative disposition of the community needed continuous follow-up for lecture and free screening schedules, thus, identification of active communities and organizations had to be given priority.
Continuous BRA activities throughout 2014 and 2015 have illustrated sincerity on the side of the CMZ BWC, thus, partnerships were forged to help gather participants.
Another challenge is the security situation of Zamboanga City. Two of our scheduled activities for October 2015 to more remote barangays were cancelled due to a kidnapping incident within the City a day prior. Despite willingness to the CMZ BRAngay Team to serve, restrictions to some barangays for safety reasons, somehow limit the reach of the project at present, accordingly, especially this Election season.
The initiatives continue in the more urban barangays. This territorial reach suffices for now since there are still many barangays and organizations to cater to.
1)  Involvement of workforce: 90 to 100 % of CMZ workforce units participated in the different art activities, collection of bras, social media initiatives as well as the education and screening activities from 2014 to present. 

2)  Involvement of partner institutions: Partnership with institutions from the bra collection period in 2014 up to the present time has been overwhelming in terms of number, presence and support. The recognition of the City Government, media institutions especially, E-Media production and GBPI TV11, and the Archdiocese of Zamboanga helps in the propagation of the advocacy since these groups now tap the CMZ BWC for Breast awareness initiatives. 
3) Installation Artworks: The project has showcased five installation artworks as well as several BRA Art exhibits. For every CMZ BRAngay project activities, the BRA Art is conspicuously displayed for a significant period and this has the tendency of creating a more positive atmosphere to a serious advocacy. 

   a) CMZ BREAST (Bra to Raise Early Awareness for Screening and Treatment) Installation Art

      b) B.R.A. Vinta
B.R.A. Vinta Version 1
B.R.A. Vinta Version 2
      c) B.R.A. Christmas Tree 1@ E-Media
       d) B.R.A.lentine Wall and Photo booth
        e) B.R.A. Wall @ Zamboanga International Airport
During the October BRA Parade 2015 at the City Hall where the designed bras from the community were collected

    f) B.R.A. Christmas Tree 2 @ Robinsons Galleria Cebu

4)  CMZ BRAngay Project activities (January 2014 - December 2015): There are a total of 44 breast lectures with 28 breast screening activities serving 2995 participants and 1150 women screened with 28 free ultrasound and 6 mammograms. 

5)  Media and Social Media: The CMZ BRA Campaign Project was serious in promoting the campaign to spread the message to the target publics, thus, gathered a total overall media value amounted to PHP 6,691,550.21 with a corresponding PR value of PHP 20,074,650.63 (January 2014-August 2015). 
The notable milestone of the project is the request of the City of Zamboanga Gender and Development to use the BRA Art for the 2015 Pink October BRA parade and participation of the different private companies including hospitals and government agencies in the BRA parade. This was followed by the Resolution and Commendation from the Sangguniang Panglungsod (City Council of Zamboanga) for the CMZ BRA Campaign Project last October 6, 2015 as well as commendation from the City Mayor, Hon. Maria Isabel Climaco, thereby, manifesting acceptance of the City Government for the Breast Advocacy efforts of the CMZ-BWC.
A very positive reaction from social media is the recognition and invitation from Robinsons Galleria Cebu for the CMZ BRA Campaign Project B.R.A. tree to be part of the Robinsons Malls Tree Festival for Corporate Social Responsibility during the Mall’s opening last December 8, 2015 up to January 10, 2016. During the Tree Festival, the CMZ Pink BRA Tree became the Online Favorite based on Facebook Likes!

Receiving the ONLINE FAVORITE Award for the ROBINSONS TREE FESTIVAL during the opening of the new Robinsons Galleria Cebu
last January 9, 2016
The fact that the CMZ BRA Campaign Project reaped an International Award, the Gold Award for Corporate Social Responsibility at the Asian Hospital Management Awards 2015 given at the Sedona Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar last September 4, 2015 is a noteworthy gauge on the impact of this innovative CSR program in relation to the Asian Healthcare community having bested more than 70 CSR programs from 12 countries.
Receiving the GOLD AWARD for CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY at the Asian Hospital Managment Awards 2015 at Sedona Hotel in Myanmar last September 4, 2015.

All these efforts were also recognized during the 51st Anvil Awards where the CMZ BRA Campaign Project garnered a Gold Anvil Award for Specialized Public Relations Program for Advocacy Campaign. This was conferred last February 26, 2016 at the Makati Shangrila Hotel.

Receiving the GOLD ANVIL AWARD at Makati Shangrila
last February 26, 2016

What was initially a corporate social responsibility program for Ciudad Medical Zamboanga is now a city-wide campaign with national and international acknowledgment. Its milestones speak for the impact it has created to the community and significantly, to the lives it has made a difference to because of awakened consciousness.
All these will inspire the project to do more and serve more as any responsible corporate citizen would commit and do.


Even with the Awards that CMZ has garnered for the CMZ BRA Campaign Project, the CMZ-BWC knows that we still have a lot to do for the CMZ BRAngay Project.
CMZ will continue to serve through Breast Cancer Awareness education and screening in Zamboanga City this 2016!

As of February 2016, CMZ has visited Bureau of Fire Protection, Barangay Tugbungan and Barangay Upper Calarian  (Golf).

This March, CMZ will visit CitiMall and Barangay Lumayang!


For those who are interested in the breast awareness lectures and screening, you are most welcome to contact Nely at the CMZ Breast Wellness Center, Tel. No. (062)992-7330 local 1278 for your schedule.

"Have you been checked?"
"Love your breasts. Have them checked!"
"Early detection and treatment save lives!"