Wednesday, March 2, 2016


The ANVIL AWARD is the most prestigious award in Public Relations, thus, dubbed the Oscar Awards for Public Relations and given only if and when the high standards set by the jury are met. These winning programs demonstrate and live the principle of public relations that is all about great performance with great results. 

We were told 
Ciudad Medical Zamboanga may be the only winner from MINDANAO and a GOLD ANVIL awardee at that!

ZAMBOANGA CITY, THIS IS FOR YOU! ...The GOLD ANVIL AWARD (Public Relations Program Specialized Advocacy Campaign) for the CMZ BRA (Bra to Raise Awareness) Campaign Project of CIUDAD MEDICAL ZAMBOANGA for innovative breast cancer advocacy program in Zamboanga City.

Conferred February 26, 2016 at the Rizal Ballroom, Makati Shangrila, Philippines.


The larger trophy is the GOLD AWARD and the smaller trophy is the SILVER AWARD.
GOLD ANVIL AWARD TROPHY is received by Ms. Cristina Bolo (CMZ Breast Wellness Center), Dr. Filipinas Rojo (CMZ Medical Director), Atty. Jhihann Hairun-Natividad (CMZ CEO ) and Ms. Juvee Calica (CMZ HR Manager)

This is the Congratulatory letter, Ciudad Medical Zamboanga received from the PRSP!

This is the message of the Chairman of the 51st Anvil Awards, Mr. Ron Jabal during the ANVIL Gabi Ng Parangal 2016!.
Magandang magandang gabi po sa inyo lahat.
To say I am humbled by your presence is an understatement. Speaking before more than 800 experts in Public Relations is quite a daunting task. I wish President Bong Osorio is here to share with me the stage where more than 60 companies will be honoured by the greatest recognition in PR profession. For those who do not know, President Bong Osorio is in Dubai speaking before a global conference - ably representing the brilliance in all of us - of PRSP. Thank you Bong.
And so today I, along with the outgoing and incoming Board of Directors of PRSP, welcome all of you to the 51st Anvil Awards. We have received close to 400 entries this year and more than 100 will be recognised with silvers and golds. The creme dela creme will get a Special Award while the best of the best will get Platinum trophies and the much-coveted Grand Anvil Award.

In the era of instant gratification amidst a cacophony of applause from award-giving bodies that seemed to have sprouted all over in recent years, one is compelled to ask if getting an Anvil trophy - Silver and/or Gold - remains important and relevant.
Now that the Anvil Awards is on its 51st year of recognizing outstanding PR programs and tools, we dared ask if this type of accolade has already been reduced to a perfunctory or a chore.
If one views Anvil Awards as just an award for the office display cabinet which will later be a subject of a press release that hopefully will be read by the company’s target markets, then maybe an Anvil award is nothing more than a trophy - a good to have so people can see.
If one views Anvil Awards as only a recognition of our own expertise which can be a ticket for one’s ascent to the corporate ladder or a brag tool in an industry gathering which will later be a subject of a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts, then maybe an Anvil award is nothing more than an emblem and badge of bravado - a scarlet letter for everyone to ogle about.
There is nothing wrong with all of these. At one point in our lives we have done and continues to do these actuations.
I am sure, though, that there is more to an Anvil award than all these.
More than anything else, we need to see the Anvil Awards as a recognition and a celebration of good - that getting an Anvil award remains important and relevant in the minutiae of everyday life where time is no longer measured in hours but moments.
Getting an Anvil trophy is a recognition of excellence in creativity; of the beauty of messages; of intelligent choices in choosing what channels to deliver our messages to our stakeholders and consumers; and of the logic of measurement and evaluation.
Getting a Silver or a Gold is the triumph over lethargy; the triumph over just getting by and doing the same thing all over again; and a victory against “okay-na-yan”.
Getting an Anvil is a victory of the goodness of shared values between us and the stakeholders we engage and serve.
An Anvil Award stands for the celebration of common good.
So for those who will receive Anvil Awards, stand proud.You just do not carry a piece of wood and metal but a responsibility to always do good - the good of not just small and specialised interests but for the good of all.
Again congratulations and Mabuhay tayong lahat!

We were happy to meet new friends from the Diocese of Alaminos and their iPlant Movement Grand Launch Magazine with the Silver ANVIL Award especially Msgr. Rey and Simon and Imelda Czendlik-Bischof. We shared Table No. 19.
Mr. Jones T. Campos  (far right) with CMZ BRA Campaign  Project of Ciudad Medical Zamboanga with iPlant Movement of the Diocese of Alaminos represented by Ding Mammuad, Simon and Imelda Czendlik-Bischof , Msgr. Rey, Fr. Windell and Fr. Uly.

Congratulations to all the awardees and we hope to inspire other corporations and organizations to join in the bandwagon in the celebration of the common good!

Thank you so much, Rameer Tawasil for sharing the BRA idea with CMZ and worked with us for our giant Installation Art, the CMZ BREAST (Bra to Raise Early Awareness for screening and Treatment)!

Thank you so much to the CMZ Breast Wellness Center and the CMZ BRAngay Team for the implementation of the CMZ BRA (Bra to Raise Awareness) Campaign Project.


  1. Congratulations! Your group is doing so many things for breast cancer awareness.

  2. Thanks so much to our English teachers in St Theresa's College Cebu Grade School and to our High School Teachers in the University of the Philippines College Cebu ... For teaching us to communicate well and inculcate in us the value of LANGUAGE... as well as teaching us to have passion in our endeavors and to perform with excellence!!! I share this Anvil with you!!!

  3. Ron Jabal and Jones T. Campos... Thanks so much for sharing so many pearls that morning in October 28, 2016... The knowledge you shared to neophytes in Public Relations indeed is inspiring for us to continue to do well and to do so much MORE for the common good!

    1. FROM Jones T. Campos === You're welcome Ma'am. You inspire a nation with much authenticity and passion. Continue your good work, cheers!

  4. Thanks to CMZ CEO, Atty Jhihann Cimeni Hairun-Natividad, my partner in all these award applications ... For your great editing prowess!

  5. Thanks again to Dr Reynaldo O Joson, for always prodding us to go beyond our comfort zones!!! Your teachings remain our inspiration and now our time to implement our best practices, after you have guided us closely for several years!!!

    1. FROM Reynaldo O Joson === Thanks, also for responding to my prodding. Congratulations to you and to the CMZ Team. I am proud of you.

  6. TO Mr. Rameer Tawasil, Thank you for sharing the BRA idea with us and for our giant BRA Installation Art which was in Paseo Del Mar for 10 months. This IDEA is indeed so innovative and we are so happy to be working with you! As you said, another milestone!

  7. Thanks Nora Jabonitalla and Crumbsnbuns Bynora for supporting us from the beginning and giving us our giant BRA which we bring along during our CMZ BRAngay activities.

    1. FROM Nora Jabonitalla: Congratulations to you Dr.Filipinas Rojo and your BREAST WELLNESS TEAM!!!

  8. Thank you so much, Dante Corteza and Mila Arieta. You are so much part of our Anvil Award as you are always so supportive through the press releases from the beginning up to the present, not to mention one of our first judges who chose the best B.R.A. box when we started in 2014! You are so precious!!!

    1. FROM Mila Arieta === Congratulations Dr. Inday and Atty Jhihann Cimeni Hairun-Natividad and your team for the most coveted award.

  9. Thanks so much, RG Antonet Go, Boynap Garcia Directo, Bhong Simbajon, Ronald Lledo, Chrisel Almonia, Jayvee Francisco (GMA 7) and other friends in media. Thank you very much for helping us with our public relations efforts. We were appreciated in Anvil 51 also because of our media value and PR value as we spread our advocacy!

  10. Thanks so much, Rey Joy Bayoging, Frederick Atilano and the whole E'Media Mo Team for covering our CMZ BRAngay Projects as well as inviting us to your Servicio Caravan!

  11. Thank you so much, Myra Paz Valderrosa. You are so much part of our Anvil Award as you are always so supportive from the beginning up to the present, not to mention one of our first judges who chose the best B.R.A. box when we started in 2014! You are so precious!!!

  12. Thank you so much to the City Government of Zamboanga through Mayor Beng Climaco for allowing us to show the giant BRA Installation Art at the Paseo Del Mar and for allowing us to share the Breast Cancer advocacy to the Zamboanga City community.

  13. Thanks so much to DOH IX and Oficina De Salud through Dr. Rodel Agbulos, Rod Agsby, Dr. Juliet Ruste for helping us in our Breast Cancer awareness advocacy, the CMZ BRAngay Projects and all the Barangay Captains who have supported us.