Sunday, January 11, 2015

In Pinay's Ciudad: 2014 Yearend Review!

2014 has just ended and I just want to review, the year that passed.

October 20, 2014 marked the First Anniversary for In Pinay’s “Ciudad”

Mi Ciudad is Zamboanga City and the other Ciudad close to my heart is Ciudad Medical Zamboanga.

I started off by moving all my stories related to Zamboanga City to this blogpost last October 20, 2013, almost a month after the Zamboanga Siege.

I started with 134 blogposts gathered from In Pinay's Footsteps and In Pinay’s Tummy. I only chose some Zamboanga City stories from In Pinay’s Eyes.

Last May 2014 at 6-months, I added 51 new stories but mostly, related to events within Ciudad Medical Zamboanga for a total of 185 blogposts in 6 months.

I added only 34 new posts from June to October, 2014 for a total of 219 blogposts in my first year anniversary.

This was because I had three travels abroad, namely, 3 weeks in the US (May 2014), less than a week in HongKong (June 2014) and another week in Kolkata, India (September 2014) plus the fully loaded CMZ's 11th anniversary activities.

For the year 2014, I had a total of 121 posts and so for 2013 and 2014, I now have a total of 259 posts. This means 40 posts in the last two months of 2014. I guess I was so inspired last November 2014... or should I say I made time!

Most of my stories (Zamboanga Siege and after) are about:
~~33 (from 27) blogposts related to the Zamboanga Siege
~~41 (from 25)  blogposts on the CMZ B.R.A. Campaign
==== 1 on CMZ Breast Wellness Ambassadress 
====  7 on Breast Wellness Fair
==== 4 on CMZ workforce on Breast Wellness 
==== 4 on BRA Christmas Tree and E-Media
~~5 blogposts on Breast Wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness
~~7 blogposts on CMZ AVPs on the first 5 years
~~6 blogposts on CMZ related to the Philippine Quality Awards
~~7  blogposts on Our Lady of the Pillar Feast
~~3 blogposts on CMZ’s New Technology: 64 slice CT Scan, MRI, Digital Mammography
~~2 blogposts on CMZ Creative Art: CMZ’s Role in Social Healing
~~25 (from 6) blogposts on CMZ activities
=== 16 blogposts on  Miss NSO 2014
===1 blogpost on CMZ General Assembly
===1 blogpost on CMZ Earthquake Drill
===1 blogpost on CMZ Disaster Consciousness Drill
===1 blogpost on the CMZ Belen Making Contest
===1 blogpost on Regine (CMZ)
===1 blogpost on NSO Run for Health
===1 blogpost on CMZ Pharmacy at St. Francis
=== 1 blogpost on CMZ Got Talent 2014
=== 1 blogpost on CMZ Radiology Christmas Party
~~12 (from 7) blogposts on Zamboanga City activities
===1 blogpost on the ZC No Smoking Ordinance
===1 blogpost on Philippine Independence Day
===1 blogpost on HIV/AIDS Parade
===1 blogpost on Blood Donors Month
===1 blogpost on Nutrition Month
===1 blogpost on Arbor Day
===1 blogpost on Zumba and Pink Lighting of City Hall
===3 blogposts on Zamboanga City Hall lights
===1 blogpost on ZC Christmas Tree at Paseo Del Mar
~~3 blogposts on ZC Runs
===1 blogpost on Run for NHL
===1 Pulongbato Trail Run
===1 Murok Challenge Run
~~1 blogpost on Mother's Day
~~1 blogpost on Murok
~~1 blogpost on Nuevo Zamboanga Laboratory Hotel
~~1 blogpost on In Pinay's Ciudad at At One Year
Among the Gadgets and Blogger Communities that interests me are:
1)   Topblogs: I placed In Pinay’s Ciudad under the Community Blogs and usually this blog reaches the 30 to 50 level. At the time when I posted about the Miss NSO personalities, the Top Blog level reached as high as #23.

2) Total Pageviews: 
From 21,127 viewers last October 2014, there are now 26,664 pageviews at the end of 2014.
(In Pinay's Footsteps = 197,308 in 3 years)

3)  Charm (of Promding Chamimay) and Juvee (of Simply Juvee) invited me to be a blogger at the end of 2010 and I decided to start blogging with In Pinay's Footsteps last January 2011. 

4) I, then, joined Zamboanga Bloggers last March 2012 also through Chamimay's invitation

5) Charm also invited me to join the BC Bloggers Community for the Commex and I learned a lot with this group!
     a.    many of  the  posts  really  interests me  and I enjoy commenting on every post! 
    b.   This really helped improve my Stats to reach the 100 to 150 visitors per day! 
    c. But from May to December 2014, I had to lie low too again for the reason of being so busy!

5)   Blogspot Stats: Audience
    a. Top Ten Countries: All Time until end of 2014 (October 2013 to December 2014): There isn't much change in 3 months. 
        There is some shuffling at the sixth to the eighth spot.
b. Top Ten Countries: for my First Year  (October 2013 to October 2014)
(first 6 months: Philippines, United States, France, Brazil, Germany, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia and India)
   b.   The main difference is the tenth country is now Russia instead of Poland.
  c.  Interesting countries are Ukraine (even during the height of their civil unrest) and Russia!

6)  Flag Counter: I have now 76 flags (from 71 flags in one year)  after three months more (from 55 flags in 6 months and compared to 159 flags for In Pinay’s Footsteps in 3 years)

7)  My Top Blog Posts from October 2013 to December 2014 (all time)
The Top 2 blogposts on the CMZ B.R.A. Campaign Project and Nuevo Zamboanga Laboratory hotel still retained the top posts.

Interestingly, many readers looked up about the CMZ Belen making Contest last December. I hope they got beautiful ideas from the lovely nativity scenes/belens we had in 2013.

The CMZ Breast Wellness Fair at the end of October 2014 also caught many of the viewers attention. 

No Smoking Ordinance and Happy Mother's Day still kept the last two spots.

8)  My Top Blog Posts on my First Year:

As I continue in my journey in Mi Ciudad, Ciudad De Zamboanga and Ciudad Medical Zamboanga, I look forward to what my experiences I will have hereon and where In Pinay's "Ciudad" may go!

I do hope you continue to read my stories... and that these will continue to be inspire you!!!

Remarkable PEP TALK Events of 2014 by Dante Corteza

I would like to share with you this write-up by our writer friend, Dante Corteza who shared his Remarkable PEP TALK Events of 2014 . PEP means People, Events and Places, here in Zamboanga City!

This way you can get a glimpse of the dynamism of Zamboanga City, with good news to share in 2014, the year after the Zamboanga Siege of September 2013!

Happy reading!