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This was taken during the BREAST WELLNESS FAIR spearheaded by CIUDAD MEDICAL ZAMBOANGA Breast Wellness Center and graced by no less than our ever supportive Breast Cancer Advocate, Councilor Myra Paz Valderosa Abubakar!
Zamboanga City is so beautiful! This is Paseo Del Mar, Zamboanga City's main public park and hang-out area just beside the sea and overlooking Sta. Cruz Island 

The Breast Wellness Fair was held at the Paseo Del Mar, the main public park of Zamboanga City, where the giant B.R.A., the Ciudad De Zamboanga B.R.E.A.S.T. (Bra to Raise Early Awareness for Screening and Treatment) Installation Art  is displayed!

The Emcees for this affair (and incidentally, one of the proponents) are Mr. Hannibal Angus, who is one of our own nursing staff together with Dr. Filipinas Rojo!

At 4 p.m. of October 28, 2014, there were 11 booths manned by the CMZ Breast Wellness Center and partners namely: 
  1.    Selfie Booth of CMZ
  2.    Breast Screening Booth of CMZ BWC
  3.    Health Food Booth by the CMZ Dietary
  4.    Sophie Paris Zamboanga Recruitment Booth with prizes to provide livelihood for women through business opportunities and coordinated through Ms. Carissa Alvarez. Thanks Sophie for your prizes and giveaways!
  5.    Mindanao Breast Cancer Support and Empowerment Group headed by Maám Myra Lladones
  6.    Zamboanga Runners Club headed by Dr. Marissa Lim and inviting the participants to a Mini-Obstacle Course and with the invitation for the upcoming 21K Heroes Run.
  7.   Mary Kay Beauty Booth with make-overs and special prizes through Ms. Charlotte Mendoza
  8.   DSWD PWD women Livelihood Program (AVRC III) products showcasing beautiful bags with different designs through Dr. Gracia Gacrama
  9.   Department of Health IX sharing about Mers-Cov and Ebola through RD IX Dr. Nimfa Torrizo, Dr. Agnes Mabolo and Dr. Venus Fortuna. 
10. City Health Office sharing about Breast Cancer Awareness through Dr. Rodel Agbulos, Dr. Juliet Ruste and Dr. Kibtiya Uddin.
11. "No Smoking" Campaign Booth led by Councilor Myra Paz Valderosa Abubakar

Advocacy Booths

Among the Booths at the BREAST WELLNESS FAIR

The Flash Mob opened the Main Program and was participated in by more than a hundred CMZ workforce including doctors, nurses, technologists, pharmacists, administrative, finance and maintenance staff and with their kids! This was so amazing and we would like to thank Kenneth Ivan Saclolo and Sherniaa Absari, our own CMZ nurses who conceptualized the whole Flash Mob and had to teach all of us! 
Some of the FLASH MOB Dancers
And most of all, for all the participants of the Flash Mob, our utmost gratitude for sharing your time and talent for the Advocacy! We know how you have to sacrifice our precious time for the practices as well as bear the heat without complaints.... You are part of history!! Simply dynamic... simply united...   simply FABULOUS!!!  

Special mention are our participating doctors, Dr. Josephine Gemarino, Dr. Adele Espaldon, Dr. Jenivic Romo, Dr. Kristine Bantala and our partners in the Pharma industry especially, Angie and friends! Thanks to our teacher, Ms. Ellen Jalon of the OR Complex!

Thanks HR, NSO and Unit Heads for somehow adjusting the schedules of the dancers, and still keeping the workflow and patient complement. 

Another highlight is the Unveiling of the B.R.A. Vinta by Hon. Myra Abubakar and CMZ Execom (Chairman Edwin To, Pres. Joven Monsanto, CEO Jhihann Natividad, FO Charm Dalguntas, MD Filipinas Rojo, AO Ruby Ruzon and HRM Juvee Calica). 

The B.R.A. Vinta is made up of 186 colored and black bras! Thanks to Cristina Bolo, who coordinated for the making of this B.R.A.  together with Linen and of course, the Maintenance group, who incidentally, together with the AO Ruby Puzon and Radiology Department continue to freshen up the original Ciudad B.R.E.A.S.T. Installation Art in Paseo, which was made up of about 1600 bras!

We also displayed the giant embellished BRA all the way from Illinois, U.S.A. made by our CMZ BRA Campaign Project avid supporter, Ms. Nora Javonitalla Sanico which was another centerpiece for the Selfies! After the affair, this is on display at the CMZ Breast Wellness Center.

Our own CMZ beauties, the Miss NSO (Nursing Service Office) 2014, Ms. Kenjilyn Uchida and her court, Ms. Krista Ayara Cabaron, Ms. Krizzell Wee, Ms. Tessa Beth Gica and Ms Jade Silorio, and the Breast Wellness Ambassadress, Ms. Shanaine Gayle Magracia shared facts and their advocacy words for Breast Wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness. Thank you very much for adding beauty, grace, intelligence, wisdom and advocacy to the Breast Wellness Fair.
CREDITS: from the file of Tessa Beth Gica 

CMZ talents also enlivened the affair with the beautiful voice of Ms. Dorothy and the dynamic dance numbers from Ms. NSO Miss Talent, Tessa Beth Gica and from the Operating Room Team!

Awarding Ceremonies for the CMZ B.R.A. Campaign Project Online Presence Contests also took place. (to be posted separately)
Emergency Room = Most Facebook Likes, Most Facebook Shares and Most Instagram Likes

Cardio-Pulmonary Unit = Most Facebook Likes, Most Facebook Shares
Raffle of Three Digital Mammography Examinations, Dinner at Tony's Restaurant and Mary Kay Products added fun to the Fair! Plus the raffle prizes at the Mary Kay and Sophie booths. (winners to be posted separately)

Thanks to all those who joined the Fair and visited the Breast Wellness Fair booths participated in by CMZ BWC partners. We thank the many teachers who shared the afternoon with us!

Thanks to GMA 7 for sharing this video! And most of all, thanks to my good friends, Farley and Eunice Areola for helping me out!

Thanks to the City Mayor, Maria Isabelle Climaco and City Administrator, Mr. Antonio Orendain for allowing us to use Paseo Del Mar for our Advocacy and to Mr. Joselito Wee and Mr. Darren Salian, who are in-charge of Paseo Del Mar. 

Thanks to all our Media Partners especially Dante and Tita Corteza, Mila Arieta, Boy Nap Directo for Zamboanga Times and Zamboanga Today and of course, E-Media, RMN and GBPI TV 11! Thanks also to the other Media Partners who we were not able to mention.
Dr. Mary Ann To (CMZ), Juara Galang (PNB), CMZ Chairman Edwin To, CMZ MD Filipinas Rojo, Tessie Uy Sebastian (PNB), Michelle Lim (PNB) and Dante Corteza (Zamboanga Times) 

Thanks to those who documented the affair through Photography and Video especially our FO Charm Dalguntas, our nurses, Syle Alejaga and Jervis Baginda and their techie team. So proud of you! And to the City's GSO (General Service Office) for allowing us to use the Manlift for the best vantage point for our chroniclers. Our Breast Wellness Fair will live on because of your documentation!

Thanks to our friends in the Zamboanga City Clergy, Fr. Alain Ruiz, Fr. Totong Soliva and Fr. Butch Candido for letting us borrow the Giant letters (C and M) for the grounds and the vinta sail for the stage. These definitely added charm and beautiful photo backdrops for our Breast Wellness Fair!

Thanks so much to all our sponsors  especially, Siemens, Carestream, Health Solutions, Neomed, Marketlink, G-Med and the complete list will be posted separately. 

Thanks to Jobert of G-Med for the transportation together with Joko Rojo. Thanks especially for the transport of the many, many people and things... we could have done it without you!

There are still so many who have shared and helped from the Zamboanga City community and throughout the CMZ organization - - our thanks to you!

Thanks to CEO, Atty. Jhihann Hairun-Natividad for allowing us to go ahead with our Breast Wellness Fair and for taking care of the budget!

Thanks AO Ruby Puzon, HRM Juvee Calica and Cristina Bolo for being my partners!

And most of all, thanks to the CMZ Organizing Committee (Execom, Mel, Edsel, Jiji, Jace and their dynamic teams), the CMZ Radiology Department (and the Radiology Interns) and the Maintenance Department for making the Breast Wellness Fair a success!

Ciudad Medical Zamboanga hopes that as we celebrate our Eleventh Anniversary, CMZ would be instrumental in further elevating the image of Zamboanga City in an optimistic and positive light through the Healthcare Industry as we BUILD BACK BETTER ZAMBOANGA! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dancing Fountain at Paseo Del Mar October 2014

Last July 2009, the Paseo Del Mar (see links below!) was opened to the public.

It has been six years then, and now Paseo Del Mar is the place to go to in Zamboanga City!

The place is very close to Fort Pilar, where the Fort Pilar Shrine and the Museum are located. Paseo Del Pilar and the Lantaka Hotel are also close by.

Inside Paseo Del Mar are lots of places to eat... so many restaurants and stalls to choose from and of course, you can have a picnic in the wide grassy park. 

The main attraction of the Paseo Del Mar is the Musically Gyrating Dancing Fountain with the play of water, lights, fire and music!

A newer attraction is the Ciudad De Zamboanga B.R.E.A.S.T. (Bra to Raise Early Awareness for Screening and Treatment) Installation Art! A huge installation Bra art made up of hundreds of beautifully decorated bras! The concept of the BRA Installation Art is from Zamboanga artist, Rameer Tawasil and the whole Zamboanga community and friends from other places in the Philippines and even abroad also shared their embellished bras.

Here are links to my older posts about the PASEO DEL MAR, which might interest you:

The stories from 2009 would be most interesting and you will see how the Paseo Del Mar looked in the earlier years!

Please come visit the Paseo Del Mar in Zamboanga City!!!

Paseo Del Mar, Zamboanga City with the BRA October 2014

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In the beautiful Paseo Del Mar in Zamboanga City, the City Government of Zamboanga displays the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Bra to Raise Awareness Installation Art, which is conceptualized by Zamboanga international artist, Rameer Tawasil.

The Ciudad de Zamboanga B.R.E.A.S.T. (Bra to Raise Early Awareness for Screening and Treatment) Installation Art, as the BRA is called, was unveiled last March 21, 2014 and was transferred to the Paseo Del Mar last May 14, 2014. The Ciudad B.R.E.A.S.T. will continue to be displayed until December 31, 2014.

The beautiful decorated bras making up the Installation Art were contributed by the CMZ workforce and from the Zamboanga community as well as from friends and family from other places in the Philippines and from abroad! The bras come as far as Brunei, Holland, Singapore, Italy and the USA.

In time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the CMZ BRA continues to be an icon for the advocacy as well as a symbol of optimism for Zamboanga City!

Also in Paseo Del Mar is the musically gyrating dancing fountain, which attracts the young and old alike.

Come visit the Paseo Del Mar in Zamboanga City!

Monday, October 6, 2014

CMZ at E-Media Mo on Breast Cancer Awareness @ October 2, 2014

Dr. Rodel Agbulos and Dr. Juliet Ruste of the Oficina De Salud invited the CMZ Breast Wellness Center to their weekly Radio/TV/U-Stream program of the City Health Office at E-Media Mo this October 2,2014 episode on the Topic of Breast Wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness, especially that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

It was a very interesting experience since this is the first time to visit E-Media Mo, who now has a very beautiful and High Tech office and studio at the Villa Teresa in Divisoria. Mr. Rey Bayona Bayonging, E-Media President was very gracious and immediately made us feel at ease in the Studio, as well as a very good anchor who helped wrapped up what I said in English, Tagalog and Visaya into Chavacano. Ma'am Joy Bayoging and GIL Climaco were also so welcoming.

Aside from the very significant questions of Sir Rey about Breast Cancer Awareness ranging from what it is, risks, how do we know of  its presence, diagnosis, treatment and life after Cancer, there were also several questions from the listeners and audience through texts and of course, the fun interjections from the anchor.

It was a very fruitful hour (plus plus) for me, as their guest and thanks a lot also being able to invite the public on our upcoming activities. In fact, CMZ is so gracious for the invitation of the Miss NSO 2014 candidates the next day!

So nice to also meet Ms. Mae Amparado and camera man, Paul Gotib for the interview for the news clips.

Here are photos on the E-Media Mo studio!

Impressive, isn't it!

You can watch E-Media Mo at Channel 37 in Mindanao Cable and Channel 52 in Sky/Suncable as well as 105.9 News FM.

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Here is the Fiesta Pilar 2014 Schedule of Masses for your reference!

Viva Nuestra Senora La Virgen Del Pilar!!!

R.T.Lim Boulevard,Zamboanga City @Sept 9, 2014

This is R.T.Lim Boulevard (also known as Cawa-Cawa Boulevard) a year after the Zamboanga Siege last September 2013. 

The IDPs or Internal displaced persons are no longer living along the Boulevard, although, we still see their bancas by the shoreline. We do hope they have been placed in a better location. 

This is a very good development since the R.T. Lim Boulevard is one of the places where many of the folks like to just relax and sit, just like a park and also where those who want to exercise like run and jog or just stroll along the strip. 

I look forward to seeing a very beautiful R.T.Lim Boulevard in the near future.

This October 11, 2014, will be the Regatta De Zamboanga for the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival and I know, the race of the colorful vintas will once again be experienced in our Ciudad De Zamboanga. 


Here are some of my older links about the R.T.Lim Boulevard and how the Boulevard looks through the years. You might like to go over these blogposts, too!

R.T.Lim Boulevard

Vinta Regatta


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and also another very important celebration for Zamboanga City is that October is Zamboanga Hermosa Festival Month!

To celebrate this, the City Government of Zamboanga (led by Mayor Being Climaco) and spearheaded by the Gender and Development Committee (led by Councilor Myra Paz Abubakar) invited the Zamboanga City community for a Zumba Dance Party and Pink Lighting of the Zamboanga City Hall this October 1, 2014.

Here are some pictures as participated in by the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga family!
Zumba led by Councilor Myra Paz Abubakar, Zumba leader, James Marcial and Mayor Beng Climaco

our CMZ boys join in!

After the Zumba, of course, is our time for lots of photo opportunities at the Zamboanga City Hall area!!! 
Our Zamboanga City Hall is very historic, more than a century old and very beautiful!

with Plaza Rizal and Universidad De Zamboanga in the background

Think Pink! Support Breast Cancer Awareness!

Think Pink! Support Breast Cancer Awareness!

CMZ with Zumba instructor, James Marcial

Let us celebrate... let us welcome the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival

Joy and fun is now felt in Zamboanga City and I hope the ambience is also felt by our blog readers!

October 1, 2014 is indeed the beginning of so many more fun and significant activities for Ciudad De Zamboanga as we celebrate the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival!!

Come and join us!!!