Sunday, October 5, 2014

R.T.Lim Boulevard,Zamboanga City @Sept 9, 2014

This is R.T.Lim Boulevard (also known as Cawa-Cawa Boulevard) a year after the Zamboanga Siege last September 2013. 

The IDPs or Internal displaced persons are no longer living along the Boulevard, although, we still see their bancas by the shoreline. We do hope they have been placed in a better location. 

This is a very good development since the R.T. Lim Boulevard is one of the places where many of the folks like to just relax and sit, just like a park and also where those who want to exercise like run and jog or just stroll along the strip. 

I look forward to seeing a very beautiful R.T.Lim Boulevard in the near future.

This October 11, 2014, will be the Regatta De Zamboanga for the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival and I know, the race of the colorful vintas will once again be experienced in our Ciudad De Zamboanga. 


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