Saturday, October 26, 2013


The Regatta de Zamboanga 2011 was scheduled to start at 8 a.m. I decided to come back midmorning because I also wanted to watch the race.
The Regatta de Zamboanga started in 1974. That is what I learned as I was watching the races. I saw the Department of Tourism Region IX Director, Mary June Bugante in the podium area.
.I also saw friends who came to watch the races.
The rescuers prepare the buoy and markers.
Here are the beautiful sailboats plying the sea...
off they go... in linear fashion...
The rescue group observes as the race goes on...
the vintas from afar as the folks enjoy swimming... note the beautiful waves ashore and the smooth sea beyond
as the vintas turn back to shore... 
a very ideal sunny day for the Regatta
the Carmelite monastery at the R.T. Lim Boulevard
the boatmen paddle their way to win!
the Sta. Cruz Island at the background
the Great Sta. Cruz Island in the horizon

Many people watched the event, while a lot also enjoyed their time swimming and just relaxing over there.

Happy kids enjoying the waves...
Soon after the races, here are some of the scenes we witnessed.
we are done!

Time to return the numbers of the sailboats...
       time to keep the sail...                                                                                          
and we see love overflows.... 

ice drop available for the hot and sunny day!
Of course, Angry birds have to be present!
We also saw our Congresswoman Maria Isabel "Beng" Climaco preparing for a segment of her television show with the regatta as her background.
Congresswoman Beng Climaco... Vaya con Dios
The day is done and off goes the racers.
An activity such as the Regatta de Zamboanga enlivens a quiet city and there we see people of all walks of life together.
the Carmelite monastery at the R.T. Lim Boulevard

Viva Zamboanga Hermosa... indeed, Beautiful Zamboanga!

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