Saturday, October 26, 2013


Zamboanga City was alive with local bands at the Paseo del Mar and bands from Manila at the Plaza del Pilar.
There was a large crowd at the Paseo del Mar because local bands had a nightly Battle of the Bands which culminated this night.
We passed by the Paseo Del Mar and here are some scenes...
But, there were too many people at the Paseo Del Mar so we proceeded to the Plaza Del Pilar.
Paseo Del Pilar is usually a relatively quiet Pasalubong Center, but the place became really alive during the weeks of the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2011.
We witnessed the fireworks while at the Plaza Del Pilar
No special effects nor tripod while taking pictures of the fireworks.
I heard the voice over from Paseo Del Mar, that this is the first time, there will be music during the fireworks display, and that music was from the band playing at the Paseo, which I think was Urban Dub.
Zamboanga City is indeed enjoying these special treats like free concerts at the parks!

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