Saturday, October 26, 2013


Our Zamboanga City Public Market experience was a very enlightening experience for us with the Travel Reportage group with Lester Ledesma. 
We were introduced for the first time to many Tausug delicacies or what they call Ban-ban.

Here are the different Ban ban which we can enjoy:
These are some links where I got some descriptions:

Lokot Lokot or Locot Locot.
a.k.a. Zamboanga Rolls
The Lokot-lokot is made of rice flour, which is repeatedly pounded until it becomes fine powder.
Water and other ingredients are then added and blended to create a thick mixture. The mixture is poured in a strainer with holes called ulayan and formed into rolls using two wooden spoons called the gagawi.
Now, the Lokot lokot is now known as Zamboanga Rolls and is a pasalubong from Zamboanga.

The baulu or bahulu is made of egg and flour like a mini sponge cake or mamon. The baulu is artistic because the batter is place on molds and baked, thus the shape is not uniform.

Putli Mandi.
The Putli Mandi is made of malagkit flour with sweet coconut strips like bukayo inside and rolled in fresh coconut. 

The Daral caught my attention because it looked like the Lumpia or crepe!
What is wrapped within the wrapper is also sweet coconut mixture or bukayo.
Pali Kambing.
This is the Pali Kambing, according to my friend, Jean, but she told me don't let me spell it out!  
As I understand, banana is inside this fried flour! 
Pan Pan Mongo:

The Pasung or pasong is steamed sweetened rice flour held by banana leaf "balisungsong" or cones.

The Pitis is a sweet, sticky, violet rice flour (similar to Putli Mandih) boiled in coconut milk and brown sugar.

Pangih Pangih.

I don't know if there is a Tausug name for this.

Maybe, you can enlighten us more with comments on these delicacies!

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