Saturday, October 26, 2013


We visited the Zamboanga City Butterfly Garden which is located in the Jardin Maria Clara Lobregat in Pasonanca Park.

A friend told me that one of the places she really liked in Zamboanga City is the Butterfly Garden.
So I brought the whole gang to the Butterfly Garden.
From Wikipedia:
La Jardin de Maria Clara Lobregat is a garden park named after the late mayor Maria Clara Lobregat. The park consists of floral and butterfly species such as orchids, roses and colorful butterflies surrounding the garden. 
The Jardin Maria Clara is the perfect venue for the Butterfly Garden.

This is the entrance to the Butterfly Garden.
When we open the door, there is a net curtain which prevents the butterfly from going out.

As we enter the Butterfly Garden, there are butterfly shaped steps which we could step on as we go around the garden.

There are plenty flowers seen attracting the butterflies in the garden.
Here are some of the colorful and attractive flowers like the gumamela and the lantana.

At the time of our visit, which was late afternoon, it was difficult to photograph the butterflies because they were flying all over.
Maybe the best time to shoot is early morning.
Here are shots of the fountain.
There is another side of the butterfly garden.
.I only got a few butterfly shots so I think I have to come by another time.
But, we enjoyed looking at the beautiful flowers and the flying butterflies.
Nice place!!!

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  1. Ang ganda po. Zamboanga is a paradise talaga. It's always in my bucket list and hope to visit it one day. And I'm also praying that it will recover from the previous crisis and calamity. God bless Zamboanga.

    Mommy Maye