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Our visit to the Zamboanga City Public Market was a very enlightening experience. We learned about many Muslim delicacies which we never really encountered before. As Rowena said, her customers were usually Badjaos. 

You will find her in Building A. 
These are her two stalls... one is where she cooks  and the other where she sells her delicacies and also complete meals.

Here is another one that she cooked in front of our eyes: the DARAL!
The Daral caught my attention because it looked like the Lumpia!

Rowena Anuddin, the lady in the food stall again showed us her skills!
It was like making crepe...
Photo Credit: Michelle Lim 

Photo Credit: Michelle Lim

This is the "lumpia wrap" or "crepe wrap" for the daral!
Photo Credit: Michelle Lim

She placed the Bucayo mix into one side of the wrapper...
Photo Credit: Michelle Lim
Then, she starts rolling this in "lumpia" fashion:
She was so serious showing us how to do the daral!
And now, she is done... with a smile!

Lo! The DARAL!!!
Here are the other delicacies or ban-ban:

This is the Pali Kambing, according to my friend, Jean, but she told me don't let me spell it out!  
As I understand, banana is inside this fried flour! 
While this is the Pan Pan Mongo:
This one caught the eye of Teacher Lester Ledesma and asked us about it. I had to research about this sweets and it is called Pasung.

The Pasung or pasong is steamed sweetened rice flour held by banana leaf "balisungsong" or cones.

This is the Pitis, which my friend Jeanrose loves.
The Pitis is a sweet, sticky, violet rice flour (similar to Putli Mandih) boiled in coconut milk and brown sugar.

This is the Pangih Pangih.

This looks like a Donut. I don't know if there is a Muslim name for this.
I wasn't able to ask anymore about these other delicacies...

Maybe, someone can enlighten us with these!

P.S. 1
I was glad to meet Rowena and her daughter, Luna. She impishly told her Mom that she would be in the internet if she talked to us!
Bright kid, huh! Indeed, she is now in the web!

Here is a link of other Muslim delicacies, I posted about:


This is another output from our Travel Reportage by Lester Ledesma experience!

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