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These are just facets of what the Philippine National Red Cross do in times of Crisis. (P.S. I am not part of them, but I salute them!)
From Wikipedia:
Born officially in 1947, the Philippine Red Cross(FilipinoPambansang Krus na Pula ng Pilipinas, abbreviated as PRC) is a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, has roots going back to the revolutionary days.
The PRC has been established 60 years ago. Before, the PRC used to be involved only in providing blood and in disaster-related activities and short-term palliatives. Now it also focuses on a wider array of humanitarian services.
At present, the PRC provides six major services: Blood Services, Disaster Management, Safety Services, Community Health and Nursing, Social Services and the Volunteer Service. All of them embody the fundamental principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement – humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality. These values guide and inspire all Red Cross staff and volunteers, to whom being a Red Crosser is more than just a philosophy but a way of life.

Philippine Red Cross will achieve this by delivering the following goals:
Goal 1 Significantly reducing the impact of disasters, climate change, public health emergencies and illnesses on the most affected families and communities.
Goal 2 Improving health and well-being at the individual, family and community levels.
Goal 3 Reducing unnecessary suffering from armed conflict and from other forms of violence.
Goal 4 Ensuring that the Philippine Red Cross is a well-functioning National Society.

Last September 13, 2013, the Red Cross volunteers were on top of the news!
It was a Friday the 13th and bullets, Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs), grenade launchers and mortars are fired.
But the weapons do not choose the targets...
Red Cross volunteers who are there to serve are injured because of a fired mortar landing close to their ambulance...
Jethro Arichea, Zamboanga Red Cross Chapter Service Representative for Safety and Disaster Management Care and his team rescuing the injured Red Cross colleague credits to: Facebook photo of Anna Patria Selga Trinidad (I hope you don't mind because I don't have pictures of the PRC volunteers themselves)
According to our City Mayor Maria Isabel "Beng" Climaco in the succeeding news, our soldiers do not use mortars and RPGs since these may hit innocent civilians.
We salute the staff of the Philippine Red Cross and their volunteers for going above and beyond the call of duty!
These are images when the injured volunteers were brought to the hospital...

Dr. Rodel Agbulos, City Health Officer came to visit the injured Red Cross staff and volunteers as soon as the incident happened.
Mr. Vic Liozo, head of PRC Zamboanga Chapter visits his injured staff and volunteers. He must be so worried on the effects of atrocities now a reality on his team. 
Dr. George Rojo, CMZ ER Head  with Mr. Vic Liozo, PRC Zamboanga Chapter head
We found out that even Dr. Kelly Geronimo, PRC ZC Blood Bank Center Manager and who is also very active with the Emergency Response and relief operations was also one of the victims.
Even if their institution is within the conflict area, the PRC staff and volunteers continue their mission. Bullets hover their area... and with risk of mortars and RPGs straying to their location.  It is also their call to reach out to the hungry evacuees and those who are stranded at the conflict site to give food and relief goods, but they have to keep safe against the odds.
The risk is so high but the spirit of volunteerism is higher!
They visit hospitals to bring blood in preparation for any further casualties.
PRC Team with Jenny Marcos, Donor Recruitment Officer brings supply of blood to Ciudad Medical Zamboanga while situation is relatively safer.
CMZ laboratory... PNRC partners
Our CMZ laboratory receiving supply of blood
Full supplies!
our CMZ staff is going to volunteer at the Red Cross now that he is off-duty
Thank you PRC for being brave and compassionate... for living up to the ideals that the Red Cross stands for, especially, during the Zamboanga City Crisis 2013 which has dragged on for 9 days now (September 17) and still ongoing... 

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