Saturday, October 26, 2013


When one talks of nightlife in Zamboanga, we usually think of Paseo Del Mar!
On the eve of the 75th Dia De Zamboanga, which is Zamboanga's Chartered Day, my family decided at the spur of the moment to have a "paseo" at the Paseo Del Mar. 
We were looking for a place to eat, then we saw the sign "Fireworks at 10:00 p.m." 
We decided == why not watch the fireworks, too!
So I'd like to share with you images of Paseo Del Mar February 2012 and see a facet of Zamboanga City nightlife!!!
The entrance.
The sign and the Arches from the inside.
met friends in Paseo Del Mar
The Plaza.
stage in the Center of the Plaza
The Baywalk.
Baywalk facing the entrance
Baywalk facing the entrance
The restaurants as viewed from the Baywalk
Then, to our surprise, we found good friends at the edge of the Baywalk, who were waiting for the fireworks, too.
We decided to get the Knickerbocker from Pinoy Patio. (Patio Palmeras).
The newer set of restaurants, with bands.

The restaurants as viewed from the Plaza at the main street, starting from the back part of Paseo.
we notice that Barcode is usually full even later at night,  maybe because of their band 
Alavar's Restaurant
Dunkin Donut...many wait for the Fireworks!!! 

The restroom.
Views of the seaside: shoreline and viewing Lantaka Hotel by the Sea
View of the seaside: little boats by the Baywalk.
and they now sell souvenirs!!!
and of course, the little patrol boat from the Philippine National Police 
After a little drizzle, some folks left the area to find cover. Some couldn't wait for the fireworks.
Paseo Del Mar has evolved from the first time I wrote about it last year (Paseo Del Mar circa 2010) busy and more exciting! A place to meet friends and still be relaxing even when there are so many people around. Paseo Del Mar... now depicts Zamboanga City at night!!!

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