Saturday, October 26, 2013


The Zamboanga City Crisis 2013 or the MNLF Stand-off sow fear and anxiety among the citizens of Zamboanga City, especially that this has already lingered for six days and counting.
Bullets, Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs), mortars are fired. But the weapons do not choose the targets... Red Cross volunteers who are there to serve are injured because of a fired mortar ...
This atrocity conveys death, danger, bloodshed, injuries, fear, panic and extends to public health and economic issues. Imagine, the number of evacuees has escalated to 40,000 according to ZC Mayor Beng Climaco as of September 14, 2013!  But on the other hand, life goes on... And, amidst this chaos, new lives are born. Here are images of innocence and new life: * after midnight of Day 1 ~~~~~ a mother delivered a well baby at home and arrived at CMZ at about 2 a.m. (after midnight of Day 1) and needed newborn care!
** Day 3:  8 p.m. A mother delivered baby in another hospital where initial care rendered and transferred to CMZ because needed further care.
*** arrived in CMZ Day 5 at about 6:15 p.m.  ~~~~~  an indigent mother from Basilan was in Taluksangay and had labor in the midst of the skirmish. ~~~~~ mother brought to other hospital but baby had difficulty in breathing and needed oxygen, thus, transferred to CMZ for further care. ~~~~~ upon arrival, Oxygen saturation of baby is 79% 
Upon arrival...
~~~~~ care given and Oxygen saturation increased to 97% and admitted.

before transport
During the Zamboanga Crisis, one of our first admissions was a pregnant mother who couldn't get into ZCMC as the danger was escalating. Throughout the six days, there have been more pregnant women  who delivered.
~~~~~ ✠✠✠~~~~~✠✠✠~~~~~
We feel for the newborn, who are brought into this uncertain world... and we hope and pray, not unfriendly in the days to come. They are our inspiration to make the world a better place to live in! WE LOOK FORWARD TO NEW LIFE... NEW HOPE !!! And WE PRAY: Lord, heal our land Father, heal our land Hear our cry and turn our nation back to You. Lord, heal our land Hear us oh, Lord, and heal our land Forgive our sin and heal our broken land.

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