Saturday, October 26, 2013


It is October 1, 2012... eleven days to go before the Feast of the Lady of the Pilar 2012!
I just arrived at the Zamboanga International Airport and I noted a new look welcoming passengers to Asia's Latin City, Ciudad de Zamboanga.
They said it was just put up a day earlier. I am sorry I couldn't give any specific congratulations to the "conceptualizer" and "designer" but this is spearheaded by the Department of Tourism.
It is streamlined and clean, but still depicts the essence of Zamboanga City.
We see the whole Paseo scenario with the iconic lamp posts and benches at the Cawa-Cawa Boulevard or presently named R.T. Lim Boulevard plus the colorful accent of the Zamboanga vinta.
Interestingly, did you notice that the lamp posts really light up?!
And here is the real thing! They caught the scene, right!
The center board caught my attention with its curved  appeal and the vibrant vermilion color (did I get the color right?)
And focused on Zamboanga City landmarks...
Sta. Cruz Island with the vinta in the backdrop! 
I guess the Metropolitan Cathedral is covered by the plants...
Do you think they missed any landmark?
I can already imagine the tourists coming over and have a really great photo souvenir as soon as they step in the airport.
I am sure the Ciudad De Zamboanga sign would be picture-perfect! So too, with the lamps, benches and vintas just like at the Boulevard and the Paseo!
I it! Viva Fiesta Pilar 2012!!!

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