Sunday, June 21, 2015

CMZ BRAngay A: BREAST WELLNESS CRUSADE Mindpro Part 1 @ October 2014

Mindpro Citimall​ invited the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Breast Wellness Center​ for their Wellness Crusade 2014 for Fiesta Pilar Month, October! 
with Nora Sanico's (of Illinois, USA) giant bejewelled bra
for the CMZ BRA Campaign Project

Ciudad Medical Zamboanga​ opened the activities with the Breast Wellness Crusade held at the Food Court and so timely for October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There were four parts of the Program: Part 1 - Registration and On-site Invitation of Participants; Part 2 - Breast Wellness Crusade - interactive session  and Part 3 - Free Breast Screening and Part 4 - BRA (Bra to Raise Awareness) Decorating Competition.

Registration and On-site Invitation of Participants

Breast Wellness Crusade: Interactive Lecture on Breast Cancer Awareness
The Interactive Type of Breast Cancer Awareness learning was geared to the location of the Crusade, where basic knowledge was shared as well as opportunities for the participant to respond to the Q & A portion (with prizes!) as well as express their queries about Breast Cancer.

Breast Screening
Breast Screeners: The curtain at their back is the location for the Breast Screening area within the Food Court of the Mindpro Mall

Breast Team in pink

B.R.A. Art Workshop 3 at the Mall
Part 4: A fun and innovative activity we added to the Crusade was the BRA (Bra to Raise Awareness) Decorating Workshop of the CMZ BRA Campaign Project​ to decorate more bras which we can use for our BRA Art Exhibits and for the Ciudad BREAST Installation Art in Paseo Del Mar. 

Intermission Number from UZ Rad Tech students
As prizes to the three chosen embellished bras, FREE MAMMOGRAPHY is given to the winners. If the winner is still young, she can give it as a gift to any of her loved ones more than 40 years old.
Thanks from Mindpro and Winners
CMZ with Ms. Lois Sy of MindPro

It was the first time that the CMZ B.R.A. Campaign Project was able to present in a very public place in the community but inspired us to develop the CMZ BRAngay Project!


Last weekend, I googled when Father's Day was to make sure I got it right. I saw it was at the third Sunday of June, June 21. After I read it, I posted Happy Father's Day!  I thought last weekend was June 21! (hahahaha) Then, George wondered why Father's day was so quiet in FB!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL FATHERS, especially the Fathers who mean so much to us and to all of our friends who are Daddies too!!!

This was posted by our son, Joko and actually I was really waiting for his message in FB and Instagram! (He would be more expressive)
You are who you are and you are the best!!!
Thanks to Boy Nap Directo who posted this for Father's Day at the Daily Zamboanga Times!

And I would like to just post old photos of the family...

Happy Father's Day to all Fathers, especially, our Patriarchs and Dads of the Sanson and Ricamora family, whether you are in these pictures or not!

Happy Father's Day to the Dads of the Rojo clan!
(Sorry, I do not have a picture of Manuel Rojo, but he was a most wonderful Father-in-law and an awesome person who was an idol to many people of all walks of life!)

 And of course, to the all our love to the VMERU Dads and our Daddy friends!

Dads, please take care of yourselves...
Your families need you...
and most of all, WE LOVE YOU!

P.S. Isn't this is an interesting throwback post?

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Organizations who are involved with Quality Management and Performance Excellence respect all Criteria, Certifications and Awards that help the institution achieve their goals.

Here is a list of Global Quality Awards and for the Philippines, the Philippine Quality Award is recognized as the national award program (highest) that recognizes achievements of public and private sector organizations in their journey towards performance excellence.

The Philippine Quality Award is based on the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria, which is used in the US, and also the basis for most of the Global Quality Awards. While the PQA is given by the Philippine President, the Baldrige Award is also conferred by the US President. 
Other organizations go to certifications because it is a requirement from their mandate while others do so for their own quality journey.

However, some organizations are confused with what framework to utilize and in fact, are trying to pit PQA (based on Baldrige) vs. ISO 9000!

Some say... ISO is international while PQA is just local!
Others say, ISO accreditation may not necessarily mean you can attain the Philippine Quality Award!
Many stories from people who favor one over the other!

These are copy - paste images which I gathered for better understanding between the two. These may serve as references but there are actually books written on these topics.
Note: The violet highlight also gives the link when clicked...

How does the Balridge Award differ from ISO 9000?

Summary of Key Points

Differences and Similarities of ISO and Baldrige

I do hope that this gives you more insights on the differences and similarities of ISO and PQA (Baldrige). These two should not be pitted against each other!

In fact, many of the ISO assessors are also PQA assessors. 

Most of the PQA Awardees already are ISO Certified and in their journey to Performance Excellence, their next step is the PQA. 

I do hope that with this understanding, you may appreciate that ISO and PQA are different and actually complementary AND directed to the same objective of Quality and PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE. 

Why not, ISO and PQA, instead of ISO vs. PQA!!!

A challenge to those who are already ISO certified, we encourage you to proceed with the journey towards Performance Excellence and go for the Philippine Quality Award!  


I was going through the internet and looking for Quality Awards and I found this list of Global Quality Awards and very proud that the Philippine Quality Award is included in the list.
Then, I found that there were more news articles on the PQA Award recipients, particularly on Ciudad Medical Zamboanga (corporate name: Zamboanga Polymedic Hospital Inc.) and decided to post these too. CMZ got the award together with the Philippine Information Agency and thus, included in their articles.

CMZ (ZPHI) is the first hospital to garner the Philippine Quality Award in the 16 years of the PQA and the first private institution in Region IX to receive the award.

And of course, in 2011, the first Philippine Quality Award in Region IX was conferred to the Department of Science and Technology Region IX headed by DOST IX RD Brenda Nazareth-Manzano. DOST IX  inspired us and gave us words of wisdom as we were preparing our PQA application. Thank you so much!

The Philippine Quality Award is a difficult award to attain, from the journey to the application, assessment and to the judging. 

CMZ Chairman, Mr. Edwin To is now the 2015 Philippine nominee for the D.D. Eisenhower Fellowship to the U.S. and still has to pit with 48 other nations in the world.

One of his first interview questions from the Development Academy of the Philippines was: So your organization is a Philippine Quality Awardee? And he said yes.
The representative from the Ayala group asked his co-interviewer on why this was brought up and the DAP person said, it is very difficult to get this national award.
CMZ is very proud of our esteemed Chairman to reach this level!
And we are very glad that our being a PQA Awardee made an impact.

We would like to encourage more organizations who are in the quality journey to do apply to the Philippine Quality Award. The process is a learning experience in itself and would further motivate you towards Performance Excellence!