Saturday, June 20, 2015


I was going through the internet and looking for Quality Awards and I found this list of Global Quality Awards and very proud that the Philippine Quality Award is included in the list.
Then, I found that there were more news articles on the PQA Award recipients, particularly on Ciudad Medical Zamboanga (corporate name: Zamboanga Polymedic Hospital Inc.) and decided to post these too. CMZ got the award together with the Philippine Information Agency and thus, included in their articles.

CMZ (ZPHI) is the first hospital to garner the Philippine Quality Award in the 16 years of the PQA and the first private institution in Region IX to receive the award.

And of course, in 2011, the first Philippine Quality Award in Region IX was conferred to the Department of Science and Technology Region IX headed by DOST IX RD Brenda Nazareth-Manzano. DOST IX  inspired us and gave us words of wisdom as we were preparing our PQA application. Thank you so much!

The Philippine Quality Award is a difficult award to attain, from the journey to the application, assessment and to the judging. 

CMZ Chairman, Mr. Edwin To is now the 2015 Philippine nominee for the D.D. Eisenhower Fellowship to the U.S. and still has to pit with 48 other nations in the world.

One of his first interview questions from the Development Academy of the Philippines was: So your organization is a Philippine Quality Awardee? And he said yes.
The representative from the Ayala group asked his co-interviewer on why this was brought up and the DAP person said, it is very difficult to get this national award.
CMZ is very proud of our esteemed Chairman to reach this level!
And we are very glad that our being a PQA Awardee made an impact.

We would like to encourage more organizations who are in the quality journey to do apply to the Philippine Quality Award. The process is a learning experience in itself and would further motivate you towards Performance Excellence!

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  1. From FB: B.N. Manzano: Thanks, Doc Inday!!!! Let's journey together to reach Level IV!