Thursday, June 11, 2015


Just a year ago today, we attended the blessing and inauguration of the impressive Nuevo Zamboanga Colleges Laboratory Hotel (NZCI). 

Today, we were again given the chance to witness another milestone in NZCI's present history, with the blessing of additional facilities, making this place one of the beauty spots (as it is called in Social Studies!) to visit in Zamboanga City and a conducive bonding place for family, friends and colleagues.

I would like to congratulate Monsi Cris Dela Cruz and the whole Nuevo Zamboanga Colleges, Inc. family for this new development for NZCI!

Here are some of NCZI's milestones in Pasobolong

*** February 1, 2012: ground-breaking of the NZCI extension in Pasobolong
*** May 2012: blessing and inauguration of the Nuevo Zamboanga College Inc. Extension in Pasobolong
*** February 1, 2014: laying of the cornerstone for the Nuevo Zamboanga Colleges Inc. Laboratory Hotel
*** June 31. 2014: blessing and inauguration of the Nuevo Zamboanga Laboratory Hotel
*** May 30, 2015: blessing and inauguration of Additional Facilities of the NCZI

Here are scenes taken on this day:
with the founding President of Nuevo Zamboanga Colleges , Monsi Crisanto B. Dela Cruz 
When I arrived, I was so glad to see familiar faces especially, Madame Ellen Dela Cruz! Interestingly, I also saw Fr. Elmer who I requested to celebrate mass at CMZ in a few hours.

And of course, Archbishop Carmelo D.F. Morelos and clergy!... a reunion of sorts!

At the covered court, which is the venue for the ceremonies: 
NZCI has gone a long way with the addition of more classrooms and facilities.

Gracious Welcome Reception 

Beautiful smiles from the Nuevo Zamboanga Colleges Inc. faculty and students with Ma'am Hazel Torres, Registrar.
And of course, Ma'am Rita...

The Ceremonies:

Mayor Beng Climaco was eventually able to come over for the event.

The New Facilities: 
This room is now so beautifully arranged, ready for the sumptuous dinner. 
But this room is convertible to four classrooms and ready for Senior High School of K-12.
And also may be utilized as a Conference Room when the dividers are open. 
And of course, thanks to Brother Alan Dela Cruz for always amazing us with the awesome presentation of the sumptuous spread.

I brought my friends earlier so they can enjoy NZCI's new park for photo ops! 
The Nuevo Zamboanga Laboratory Hotel 

The Nuevo Zamboanga Park

We again wish the best to Nuevo Zamboanga Colleges Inc., that NZCI may continue to grow exponentially and provide even more positive opportunities for the youth (for the students it serves and molds) and further ignite the flame of hope to a tangible reality... for a progressive Zamboanga City!

As Monsi would say, "GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!"

*    Again and again, Thank you very much to the Nuevo Zamboanga Colleges Inc. B.S. HRM students with Ma'am Hazel Torres and Ma'am Rita De Vera who contributed so much to the CMZ BRA (Bra to Raise Awareness) Campaign Project through Bra Collection and during the BRA ART workshop, where they embellished among the most beautiful bras and to Lantaka Hotel by the Sea, where the beautiful BRA art were exhibited from March 2014 to October 2014! 

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