Saturday, October 26, 2013


Our Travel Reportage stint brought us to a place out of our comfort zone... the Zamboanga City Public Market!
The ZC Public Market is in the heart of Zamboanga City. The place is a bustling even if it was already a Saturday afternoon.
It was drizzling at the time we went there and we hoped it would soon stop! We could imagine the wet floors and maybe some muddy areas if the rain continued.
We were given an hour to see and feel the place and create a story in our mind while we do this. Teacher Lester Ledesma  joined us over there.
Here is the first look I had of the Zamboanga City Public Market which I would want to share with you!
I was greeted by one kid who brought his friend and later more friends came, and they wanted to have their photos taken over and over again.
I had to excuse myself from them because I had to think of our story.
Midafternoon, there was almost no more meat...but still lots of vegetables!
But, some of the vegetables were already cut up and placed in plastic bags! We didn't go to the fish, seafood nor poultry place since our assignment was Food Hawkers.
There are food of all kinds, bread and pancit... and making native coffee!
They also make their own delicacies right in the marketplace.
Outside, we see a kid selling ice candies.
And also, we would like to thank these guys who graciously watched over us while we did our photography shoot!
A most interesting afternoon!

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