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Jardin Maria Clara Lobregat is located in Pasonanca Park.
The Jardin was developed inaugurated last 2009.

July 17, 2009 Celso Unveils Paseo De Jardin Parkwalk 

Zamboangueños will have another exciting and picturesque landmark to while away their time, as the city today opens to the public the Paseo de Jardin Parkwalk with foodstalls at the Jardin Maria Clara Lobregat in Pasonanca. 
Mayor Celso Lobregat will lead the formal opening and blessing ceremonies that will start at 5:30 p.m. which will be highlighted by a fireworks display and an open air concert featuring the KM 6 band and the Westmincom band. The Paseo de Jardin Parkwalk with foodstalls is the second landmark to be opened for public entertainment in a week’s time. Last week, Mayor Lobregat also unveiled the Paseo del Mar, considered to be the local version of the Manila de Bay, though it is overlooking the sea.

We visited the Jardin Maria Clara Lobregat.
The Jardin is named after the late Mayor Maria Clara Lobregat. 

María Clara Rafols Lorenzo Lobregat (April 26, 1921–January 2, 2004) was a Filipina politician from Zamboanga City, where she served as its first woman mayor and also a representative to the Philippine Congress.

Lobregat or "Caling" was born April 26, 1921 in Zamboanga City, the second of five children of Don Pablo Lorenzo, who was a mayor of Zamboanga City from 1939 until 1940, a representative to the first Philippine Assembly, and a delegate to the Philippine Constitutional Convention, and Luisa Rafols of Cebu City. Lobregat grew up in the cities of Zamboanga, Cebu, and Manila. She spoke Chavacano, Cebuano, English, Tagalog, and her native Spanish.
Throughout her political career, Lobregat lost in only one election – in 1984 for the lone seat at the Batasang Pambansa. Allied with the Marcoses, she lost to Mayor Cesar Climaco who did not assume his post as assemblyman.
With Marcos gone and the then opposition-turned-administration splitting into factions, Lobregat easily won as representative of the Lone District of Zamboanga City in the 1987 legislative elections and was reelected in 1992 and 1995. She ran and won the mayoralty in 1998, was reelected in 2001 and was set to file her certificate of candidacy for a third term on January 5 this year. 
The Jardin had been there and we didn't really visit it then. When we had guests here, they said they enjoyed their walk in the park and the butterfly garden. We also saw in pictures that there was a fountain up in the Parkwalk. We decided to visit the place, too.
Here is the side entrance of the Jardin Maria Clara
Let us follow the Parkwalk.
On the right side of the walk is the Butterfly Garden.
Then, we proceed with our walk along the flower-lined path. I see gumamelas, lantanas and yellow bells and some other nice bushes.
We walk on and we see a group of dog lovers leisurely gathering in one corner.
We proceed up to the highlight of the Park, the monument of Maria Clara Lobregat.

Just this September 26, the laminar shooting jets fountain was unvieled.  The first time I say these shooting jet fountains was in the Burj Al-Arab Hotel lobby itself last 2007.

Declaring the “best is already coming”, Mayor Celso Lobregat September 26 unveiled the laminar shooting jets fountain at the Jardin Maria Clara in Pasonanca and revealed that two other bigger fountain projects are up for inauguration soon.

Costing P1.4 million, the high tech fountain aptly placed near the statue of the late Mayor Maria Clara Lobregat, adds color and fascination to the entire butterfly garden, one of the city’s attraction sites. The water jets are illuminated with multi-colored LED (light emitting diodes) lights creating an amazing water and light effects at a desired interval.
The Laminar Shooting jets fountain at Jardin Maria Clara unveiled September 26 adds color and fascination to the butterfly garden, one of the city's landmarks in Pasonanca. Mayor Celso Lobregat, Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde and members of the City Council and Archbishop Romulo Valles led in the inauguration rites held after the Drum and Lyre competition conducted in line with Tourism Week celebration Sept. 21-27. 
the best pose...holding hands with Maria Clara Lobregat...(FC = feeling close!)

people of all ages enjoy the place
see the laminar shooting jet fountain adding an interesting facet to the area.
of course, this place is a favorite for "picture-picture"!
The monument is well made and picturesque.
Here is a close-up of the Maria Clara Lobregat monument.

We relaxed on the benches for a while.

After relaxing in this area, we decided to go down the park and see the other activities in the Park.
We love the flowers...
..It was Halloween and a group was there practicing their dance.

These are other parts of the Jardin Maria Clara.
hilly terrain is interesting!
There was also the Halloween Run sponsored by the Zamboanga Runners Club we witnessed at that time. There were ghouls...
As well as fairy types...

As the runners go....

We just watch them run...
Zamboanga Runners Club
..It was getting late and so we grabbed some food and drinks from the food stalls. These are temporary stalls which were put up because of the Halloween Run activity of the Zamboanga Runners Club.
we are hungry and thirsty...lucky, there are food stalls here.
More picture taking in the garden as we found our bench and ate there. We also saw friends passing by.

At night, we heard the fountain was lighted at about 7 p.m., so after "dinner" we went back to the Maria Clara Lobregat Monument and fountain, which they called the Fountain of Triple Blessings.

September 29, 2011

Fountain of Triple Blessings at Pasonanca
You will be entertained to see as the fountains passes water to another. It is really amazing to watch as these water fountains surrounding the statue of the late Zamboanga Congresswoman and City Mayor Maria Clara Lobregat spout out water with colorful light effects. Laminar jet fountain is designed to give a constant jet of water. Basically they work by straightening water molecules to give the jet a clear glass like appearance. If you were to do this without the use of laminar technology the jet would be rough and unshapely. The light effect is due to the effect of fiber optic LED lighting inside the laminar jet. Various neon colors can be used and only illuminate the laminar jet stream itself and can be pulsed to give a dancing effect.
never forget the wacky shot!!!
It is interesting to see the beautiful colors... Actually, there is a long queue for the folks wanting to have their pictures here.
Another view of the Fountain of Triple Blessings...
here is Nanette C. (humirit!) and  it is the soldiers turn to have their pictures taken;  I initially thought they were there to watch over something!...  someone said to watch over Maria Clara Lobregat...  but after their photos, they left!!! 
Time to rest. We were really enjoying ourselves.

There were still many activities that night but we decided to go ahead. The day was really fun!!!

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