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Warning!!! This is a really long blog... but hope you'll still read on... or even just view the pics... Another interesting Fun Run earlier this year was the RUN FOR CHILDHOOD CANCER 2011 in Zamboanga City on Independence Day, June 12.
This was the news report related to this Running Event.
Run for childhood cancer set June 12  
Thursday, 09 June 2011 14:17

The Zamboanga Runners Club (ZRC), an elite group of runners in Zamboanga City, is once again inviting the public to its first ever organized- Run for Childhood Cancer on June 12, 2011, Sunday, at 5:00 a.m. that will commence at the Enriquez Sports Complex.
This event is for the benefit of the Zamboanga City Medical Center’s Pediatric Cancer patients. It features the first ever 18K Stations of the Cross Thrill Run that would surely satisfy long distance runners. This also includes 5kM Fun Run for everyone and a 2KM Kids Run for children with 3-12 years of age.  
It was very interesting because the highlight of the Fun Run was the 18K Stations of the Cross Thrill Run from the Joaquin Enriquez Memorial Stadium to the Cruz Mayor of the Abong Abong Stations of the Cross You don't only need the stamina for distance but also for other words, the hill is quite steep! There was also the 5K Fun Run for everyone and the 2K Kids Run for kids aged 3 - 12 years only.
I was invited by my friend, Dr. Maya L. to be the "unofficial photographer" and she also invited my staff to add color to the activity... you will later see why! I waited at the St. Joseph School area because I didn't want to be stuck by the possible traffic/parking issues at the Don Joaquin Memorial Stadium where the Starting Line is located and I thought, most of the photographers would be there anyway. However, since I waited here and documented the 5K and 18K runs, I wasn't able to document the 2K Fun Run. It was about 6 a.m. and I waited for the runners along the road. Here comes the runners...

I was near the First Water Station and another one just across the street and you can see how important they are. Almost all runners grabbed a glass...

and really stopped to get a drink...
Watch this kid no. 5470 == the kid won the 5K Run...  and note she is wearing slippers with a garter!!! 
The water station across the street, waiting for the runners going back to the stadium.

Runners came in all forms: all genders... yuppies... students... policemen... soldiers... and even senior citizens.

and is there a prize for texting while running?
And here comes my colorful staff...
But, they also joined in the 5K Fun Run!

Ahhh, Reg... are they running after you?

There were ambulances and law enforcers stationed as well.
one of the ambulances...

The 5K Fun Run detoured at the Zalo's Restaurant. Water station and ambulance station are available here.
the U-turn point for the 5K Run

Zamboanga Runners' Club members as marshalls
the star of the Run... I think there is no other as colorful as her!
some run by "batallion"... or platoon ba?
eagerly waiting for the thirsty runners...
already did my part... (the first water station!)
.I moved on to the Pasonanca area because I wanted to catch the rest of the 18K runners who were headed to the Abong Abong Stations of the Cross in Pasonanca.  And there are also Water Stations at this area.  Many of them were the sponsors of the water stations themselves.

MINDANAO CANCER Support and Empowerment Association, Inc. enthusiastically giving support... as a water station... but I also see bananas?... Is this a food station, too?

at the JARDIN MARIA CLARA water and ambulance station
Here are some of the runners at the Pasonanca area.
going down to Carmen Valley
Ambulance Station
of course, some are faster than others....
heading to (or leaving) the Helmet (Guns of Aggression) and the Cesar Climaco Park.
.I am now at the Abong Abong Helmet (also known as the Guns of Aggression) and Cesar Climaco Freedom Park area.
The Stations of the Cross is located at about the midportion of the domed-shaped mountain, Mt. Pulongbato, in the background... 

And the runners are guided to go left to the direction of the Stations of the Cross.
Mr and Ms Pasonanca candidates help flag the runners to the right route...

at the Helmet
drink water!!!
or take a shower with it!
moving up to the Stations of the Cross... the mountain we see is Mt. Pulongbato,  where the Stations of the Cross is nestled at its side!
There are law enforcers present...
and they actually posed for Facebook...
they see no they had an early coffee drink!

Dr. Paul C., international marathoner, observing... I think, he is also a marshall.
Water Station on the way up to the Helmet....
still smiling!!!!

Aaaaahhhhhh... refreshing!!!
And others are already on their way back to the Stadium.
they still look fine and fit.... they were really ready for the steep climb!!!
No sweat!!!
Cesar Climaco Park and on the way to the Stations of the Cross 
Rustic Pasonanca...
Back up the hill  to Pasonanca ZCWD area....
on the way back up the hill...
The flagbearers... Some I think are candidates of  Mr. and Miss Pasonanca...
let us pose for a while...

And water stations on the way back...
Antonio's water station...

Jardin Maria Clara Water and ambulance station

Anyet's water station (Pardon Anyet T. the picture while on the run... by car!)
Breast Cancer group's water station
an Alumni group's (Class '77) water station
The runners on the way back...
.I went back to the Don Joaquin Enriquez Memorial Stadium for the rest of the activities. I went to the bleachers first to meet my friends who were all dressed in Red.

And there were activities already on Stage.

and Jollibee (who else!) helped entertain the 2K kid runners and adults, too
And Awarding Ceremonies for the 2k and 5k Fun Run, while the 18k Thrill Run still continue. Here are winners for the 2K Run.
awarded by Dr. Cris D., who also is the Pediatric Hematologist for the recipients, Pediatric Cancer patients.
.I wasn't able to get shots of the 5K Run winners since I moved on to the track, where the 18K runners have arrived and running to the Finish Line.

Here are some members of the Zamboanga Runners' Club, who I saw as I moved to the field.

Zamboanga Runners' Club doctors and nurses
As the runners reach the Finish Line, they are welcomed by our Friends in Red.

and runners receive their certificates at the Finish Line, too!
We made it!!!

and don't forget to document..."picture-picture"!!!
This is the Start and Finish Line, where the secretariat is placed...
...And also where many runners and onlookers have their pictures taken since the huge tarpaulin is placed here!
And there was also a special request by the soldiers...
We see friends around, too.

There are also booths in the area...
kid participants  get their free ice cream here.

adults have to buy their own ice cream!
And we also see the booth of the recipients, the Department of Pediatrics of the Zamboanga City Medical Center  for the Children with Cancer.
Finally, I see Dr. Maya L. who invited us! She was stuck in the peak of the Abong Abong Stations of the Cross where they were the assigned marshalls! 

with Boboy and Maya L. , "mastermind" of the colorful outfits! 
.It was the first run sponsored by the Zamboanga Runners' Club and the activity was super successful ... with lots of runners and really organized ... and I know they were also able to give a substantial amount to their intended charity... Pediatric Cancer patients in ZCMC! Congratulations Zamboanga Runners' Club and all responsible for a really well attended, exciting and fun FUN RUN!!!  It was another enjoyable and one-of-kind experience for us on Independence Day 2011!

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