Saturday, October 26, 2013


I was so happy I was able to experience the Regatta 2011 in this year's Fiesta Pilar.
I just came from the airport and we passed by the R.T.Lim Boulevard very well aware that the Regatta was today.
There was no traffic this early.
It was still 6 a.m. and so the vintas were all lined up. There were no numbers assigned yet.
view from the other side of the R.T.Lim Boulevard
Some came a bit later and arrived without the sail. 
The small boats without the sail are the more common everyday sight rather than with the sail on. Then, as soon as they landed on shore, they prepare their bright sails.
"we would like to join, too!"... with some fishing boats in the background.
this is the boat without the sail...
the boatmen join the rest of the group...
preparing their sails
The vintas are so colorful and beautiful.
notice the waves at the shoreline...
the vintas at the shoreline of the R.T. Lim Boulevard
the vintas are now assigned their numbers for the race...
Some folks continued on with their exercise, strolling or jogging in the newly renovated R.T. Lim Boulevard.
These days, the runners are now safer with the more uniform pavement.
the new sidewalk at the R.T. Lim Boulevard
There are also vendors selling seaweeds, crackers, taho, drinks and whatever...
distributing the seaweeds "Lato"
Samals and Badjaos selling "Latô" (seaweeds)
Taho for sale
There were families who had a picnic there.
There were people, especially kids, who just wanted to play and swim.
Of course, folks came over to watch the regatta.
And a lot also came to cover the regatta and also just get photos of the regatta.
It was fun just being there!

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