Saturday, October 26, 2013


Here we are again in Hai San Seafood Market and Restaurant.
We had very special friends over in Zamboanga City for the Fiesta Pilar and of course, one sure stopover is Hai San! Here are the available fresh choices from the Hai San Market.
Here is what we chose for this dinner!

Jellyfish Appetizer, Chinese Style with Century Eggs. I like the rubbery texture of the thinly-sliced jellyfish and the century egg as well. 
Hot and Sour Soup. The Chinese style soup is a very delicious starter of the meal, but because it is so good, I noticed that many of us continued to savor the soup even at the end of the meal.
Fried Prawns with Chili Sauce. This is the most well presented viand because the bright orange prawns were piled quite high. Everyone wants a picture of the platter in front of them ... partly also to make those who were absent, really envious. Just by looking at the vermilion prawns, you could see how yummy they are.
Baked Clams. Baked garlic clams are really tasty and rich!
Mussels with Spicy Tausi Sauce. The mussels are related to the "Tahong" but slightly different. I think they also call it Scissor shells.
Grilled Squid. This is very refreshing considering all the rest of the food had rich sauces. I liked the mix of tomatoes and onions stuffed in the squid.
Squid with Spicy Sauce.
One of our friends was so excited that he bit one of the green things, thinking it was a vegetable. 
Wow, it really hit him... he took a bite of the chili itself!
But, the spicy sauce in itself was tasty too and really wasn't that hot!
Steamed Lapu-Lapu with Tausi. This is always a bestseller and we include it every time we come over. The fish here in Zamboanga is really fresh. And these are our smiles!!!
We didn't order crabs for tonight because we already ate yummy large crabs for lunch. Our friends took the chance earlier this afternoon to go the one of the Zamboanga markets to buy fresh Lapu-Lapu and some other fresh seafood which they will pack and bring back to Manila!  Aside from being really fresh, the seafoods are also very cheap and so what is a luxury in other places, may be considered as a staple for us. While we were eating, there were guests in another corner of the restaurant in two large tables who were quite boisterous and who drank and smoked and didn't care who were in the restaurant. Fortunately, the food was too good for us to feel bad about them. Even then, maybe the manager could find a function room for them so they could shout their hearts out! Anyway, if we talk about SEAFOOD, I could see everyone was so satisfied and one deterrent for ending the meals was just health reasons!

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