Saturday, October 26, 2013


Hai San Seafood Market and Restaurant is known for its sumptuous dishes and this is where we usually bring our special guests when they visit Zamboanga.
Here, one gets the best of the seafoods which Zamboanga is known for.

Here are some of the choices in the "supermarket side". We have lots of choices for raw ingredients such as crabs, clams, prawns, shrimps, squid, abalone, fish, and of course, Zamboanga's pride, the curacha, and have it cooked on the spot.
This unique looking large sea crab cum spiny lobster is the CURACHA. The curacha is also called the spanner crab or the red frog crab found in the deep waters of Zamboanga. Also available are mushrooms, vegetables, seaweeds, tofu and the like, which enhance the dishes they concoct. 
These are the yummy dishes we ate for that night.
We had Steamed Lapu-lapu with Tausi Sauce, Baked Clams, Hot Pot soup, Prawns in Chili Sauce and Crabs in Coconut Sauce
We chose plain rice considering the very rich sauces that we had.
Hai San Seafood Market and Restaurant is a must place to eat in Zamboanga City.

Contact number:

Hai San Seafood Restaurant 
60 San Jose Road, Zamboanga CityTel. (63) 991-5506, 991-1062 

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