Monday, October 6, 2014

CMZ at E-Media Mo on Breast Cancer Awareness @ October 2, 2014

Dr. Rodel Agbulos and Dr. Juliet Ruste of the Oficina De Salud invited the CMZ Breast Wellness Center to their weekly Radio/TV/U-Stream program of the City Health Office at E-Media Mo this October 2,2014 episode on the Topic of Breast Wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness, especially that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

It was a very interesting experience since this is the first time to visit E-Media Mo, who now has a very beautiful and High Tech office and studio at the Villa Teresa in Divisoria. Mr. Rey Bayona Bayonging, E-Media President was very gracious and immediately made us feel at ease in the Studio, as well as a very good anchor who helped wrapped up what I said in English, Tagalog and Visaya into Chavacano. Ma'am Joy Bayoging and GIL Climaco were also so welcoming.

Aside from the very significant questions of Sir Rey about Breast Cancer Awareness ranging from what it is, risks, how do we know of  its presence, diagnosis, treatment and life after Cancer, there were also several questions from the listeners and audience through texts and of course, the fun interjections from the anchor.

It was a very fruitful hour (plus plus) for me, as their guest and thanks a lot also being able to invite the public on our upcoming activities. In fact, CMZ is so gracious for the invitation of the Miss NSO 2014 candidates the next day!

So nice to also meet Ms. Mae Amparado and camera man, Paul Gotib for the interview for the news clips.

Here are photos on the E-Media Mo studio!

Impressive, isn't it!

You can watch E-Media Mo at Channel 37 in Mindanao Cable and Channel 52 in Sky/Suncable as well as 105.9 News FM.

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