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R.T. LIM (CAWA-CAWA) BOULEVARD @ 1999 AND 2011 (written 2011)

CAWA-CAWA BOULEVARD is also known as R.T. LIM BOULEVARD and another recreational place by the sea where folks could jog or run in the early morning, or just hang out at anytime while viewing Sta. Cruz Island or the port or the fishing boats and the famed sunset.

Location of San Jose Cawa Cawa, Zamboanga City

original name: San Jose Cawa-Cawa
geographical location: Zamboanga Del Sur, Region 9, Philippines, Asia
geographical coordinates: 6° 54' 33" North, 122° 4' 2" East

Distance from CITY PROPER: 1.10 Km. Location: West Coast

It stretches from San Jose Road covering Cawasa drive, Ruste drive where the Claret School is, to Johnston Subdivision to Baliwasan Cemetery, Don Basilio Navarro Road, ZAEC Medical Center, Pilar Colleges and up to Cawa-Cawa covering the shoreline of RT Lim Boulevard.

Adjacent barangays are: Canelar, Sto. Niño, Baliwasan and Zone I-City Proper

History of San Jose Cawa Cawa, Zamboanga City

Barangay San Jose Cawa-Cawa used to have long and sandy beach but narrowed by the road widening along the stretch of RT Lim Boulevard, which was the popular picnic ground of Zamboangueños during sunsets and weekends.
The other half of the name of the barangay got its name from the word "Cawa" which means frying pan in the local dialect. The beach along RT Lim Boulevard was believed to be shaped like frying pan and swimmers repeatedly called the beach Cawa-Cawa to warn the bathers of the perils of the depth of the sea in the area.
Cawa-Cawa Blvd. or R.T. Lim Blvd. is a place to hang out in the evenings for many people and students. Many street vendors are there to provide the much needed snacks from soft-drinks to suman or balut. People start packing in as the sun starts to set. The sunset is magnificent.
I found pictures taken in October 1999 at the Cawa-Cawa Boulevard and I want to share them with you.
Since this was taken on October 10, 1999, I presume that this was also during the Fiesta Pilar and supposed to be on the day of the Regatta. I can't explain why there are no vibrant vinta sails in the next photos... can someone explain?
It was mentioned in old Zamboanga news circa 1999 that the colorful vintas gather in the boulevard especially during the Fiesta Pilar.

There is now an ongoing rehabilitation and renovation of the sidewalk of the R.T. Lim (Cawa-Cawa) Boulevard and so these images may just remain in our memory.

Friday, December 19. 2008

District 1 Congresswoman Beng Climaco the other day assured the early implementation of the R.T. Lim  Boulevard rehabilitation project stressing that it will be in line with the preservation and protection of the city’s major landmarks and attractions.

Famed all over, the R.T. Lim Boulevard will be expanded and facelifted using the P20 million allocation from the lady solon’s priority development assistance fund (PDAF) with counterpart funding from the city government of Zamboanga under Mayor Celso Lobregat. Climaco said the project forms part of the priorities of the administration of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. She said the proposed expansion of the facility will help boost tourism and investment in the city.    “People will have alternate recreational area”, she said. “This is also in full support of Mayor Lobregat’s massive infrastructure program”, the congresswoman declared. Based on the plan, the boulevard will be expanded by several meters and improved.

The project will be implemented by the District Engineer’s Office under the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). The city government, through the City Engineer’s Office is also preparing its own plans and estimates for the implementation of another phase of the project. Climaco said the project is in line with her advocacy on tourism promotion and is intended to help improve the image of Zamboanga City . Zamboanga City, she stressed is blessed with numerous tourist attractions and their improvement or rehabilitation would help promote these landmarks. — Ryan Sta. Teresa

This is R.T. Lim (Cawa-Cawa) Boulevard today.
the R.T. Lim Boulevard is now widened. 
The rehabilitation is still ongoing to the rest of the Boulevard.
For this year 2011, the Regatta de Zamboanga will again be held in the R.T. Lim (Cawa-Cawa) Boulevard.

We look forward to the Regatta de Zamboanga during the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival which will definitely give color to the R.T. Lim Boulevard!

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