Thursday, July 31, 2014

IDPs in Zamboanga City July 2014

This is R.T. Lim Boulevard in Zamboanga City, also known as Cawa-Cawa Boulevard. Here is a glimpse of the IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) ten months after the Zamboanga Siege.

The place is less dense  with IDPs than before.

There are many issues related to the delayed transfer (and I don't not know even know a quarter of the reasons) but some thoughts enter my mind like unwillingness of these Internally Displaced People (IDP) from moving away from the seaside... and there is a "No to Our Backyard" phenomenon in some barangays!

And of course, there are others who are not real IDPs....

We do still pray that soon the beautiful R.T. Lim Boulevard may regain its beauty and cleanliness and the IDPs may be settled in a place that would be more suitable for them. 

P.S. 1
You might want to reminisce how R.T. Lim (Cawa-Cawa) Boulevard looked before and here is the link:

R.T. LIM (CAWA-CAWA) BOULEVARD @ 1999 AND 2011 (written 2011)

P.S. 2. Update as of August 10, 2014
The R.T. Lim Boulevard is on its way back to its former glory following massive clean-up and facelift activities by City Government personnel together with concerned agencies and IDPs over the weekend.

The Boulevard's center isles including the sidewalk fronting the Joaquin Enriquez Memorial Sports Complex and the Zamboanga City High School-West were totally cleared of structures.

The IDPs were relocated and are placed in one area of the baywalk near the Magbasa Kita Center. They are set for transfer to sitio Buggoc in barangay Kasanyangan where the local government together with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has launched a build challenge partnering with private groups for the construction of some 200 single detached houses on stilts for the Sama de Laut.

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