Friday, August 1, 2014

Regine B., CMZ Got Talent 2012 champion

This is a very interesting presentation of Regine B., grand champion of the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga's CMZ GOT TALENT Search for 2012, showing us her winning form during CMZ's Christmas Party!!! 

I do hope you watch the whole performance. I know you would really enjoy it!

CMZ Got Talent is a venue for CMZ workforce to display their talents and abilities and had been there for three years! It is not only the singing and dancing prowess that are shared but also the very innovative concepts that go with the presentations.

I am sharing this as a tribute to Regine Bernaldo who now has to leave CMZ for greener pastures abroad but has left with us the legacy of talent and creativity in performance excellence!

Thank you so much and BonVoyage!

This very amateur video should have been uploaded a long time ago...

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